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Reasons Why Some People Leave Canada After Receiving Permanent Residency



By Xavier Golle

What was your reason to leave Canada after receiving permanent residency?
Lack of job opportunities for immigrants.

I am European, masters in engineering and one of the best MBAs, several years of experience as an engineer and consulting in different countries and multinationals.

In Europe I was getting calls from headhunters even when I wasn’t looking for jobs. The few times I changed job, I got many interviews and fast (for similar jobs or better than what I had).

I moved to Canada and barely got any interview in an entire year. The couple of calls I got were for jobs unrelated to my background and didn’t go any further (they didn’t give me any feedback or called back) . I got contacted a few times by people who saw my profile online… to work in customer service and helpdesk.

I’m sure there are many success stories out there. Mine is not one.

Overall Canada is not a bad country, I still rate Western Europe better in quality of life and salaries are much higher too. I would need to be a company executive or director in Canada to match my last salary.

It also depends on your baseline. A person coming from a poor country who barely has a high school degree, will be tremendously excited to get a help desk job in Canada. Most immigrants come from developing countries, so even if their job is low level, their overall quality of life improves greatly.

Source: Quora

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