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Developing Ile-Ife Is The Collective Responsibility Of All Yorubas By Rotimi Makinde



Virtually every Yoruba speaking natives agreed that Ile Ife,Osun State is the origin and the cradle of Yoruba race.

Simply put, It is the home of every Yoruba persons regardless of the town in Yorubaland you may came from be it Oyo , Ijesa,Ekiti ,ilaje etc and by extension the Itsekiri and the Benins.

It is therefore imminent and reasonable to demand that it is the Collective Responsibility of all us,the yoruba natives to begin to see Ile ife as our pride that must be transform to an enviable reputation…

We must wake up to the reality and to collectively be responsible for the upliftment of our ancestral home of Oduduwa,the progenitor of the yorubawa for all.

Every one of us must begin to rise up to the challenges of supporting the home of our forefathers. It will not be out of place for every governors of the South West and indeed in Yorubaland to give helping hand to the very host governor of Osun State to transform the ancient community to an Eldorado that we will all be proud of and ready to beat our chests in the comity of other kingdoms in the categories of Egypt and Saudi Arabia…..
To do otherwise is to say we have no root. !

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