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LagosDecides2023: Police Kill Ballot Box Snatcher, As Electorate Chased Out Of Polling Unit



One person has been killed as hoodlums attacked, chased eligible voters away from their various polling units at Ago and Ijegun, a suburb of Lagos State.

It was gathered that a supporters of Labour Party shouted LP, at Jemtok polling units attempted to snatch a ballot box and he was trying to escape when he was shot dead by policemen attached to the polling units.

The political thug was trying to disrupt election process also threatening voters. 

Prior, to his shooting, the same thug seized some journalists phones saying nobody should do a video of him at the scene.

“Do whatever you want to do, and leave here, we don’t need Red Cross or journalist, here, we are good boys in the last election, but not today, as Lagos belong to us all.”

The hoodlums who rode on motorbikes also  attacked ten other electorates in different polling units in the community as gunshot rented the air for hours before arrival of soldiers and policemen who disperse them.

It was also gathered that the election was going on well when the hoodlums arrived the various polling units and started attacking people freely for not voting their party.

One the attacked victim, Kelechi Nwaiwu said he was about to cast his vote when the hoodlums appear from nowhere and started shooting sporadically at the electorates.

He said his ballot paper was collected from him by one of the hoodlums saying this is their state.

“My phone and wrist watch was also snatched from me at Samuel Adeoti polling units where I was voting. It was Nigeria Red Cross that treated those of us who sustained gunshot wounds.”

Some of the polling units at Ijegun have been dominated with fear as voters are running helter scatter for their lives over political thugs 

Some were strictly told not to be in their units if their vote is not for the All Progressive Congress, APC governoship candidate.

Another attacked victim’s Yusuf Olanrewaju told our correspondent that one of the hoodlums used bottled to stab him on his head. 

According to him, “My polling unit at Ijegun primary school, some thugs came and  disrupted the election process even when the counting has not begun, I went forward trying to stop them when three hefty men came out from three vehicles and some bike riders attacked those of us who are not voting APC.

Another victim who also gave her name as 

Cynthia said there was no election in Lagos state but war.

According to her, “the thugs came out of their vehicles and started shooting at our polling unit when the counting had just begun and Labour Party was in the lead. 

“Some of the hoodlums who were armed told everyone us at our polling units to leave and go back home if we are not voting their candidate.

Also, Alhaji Sanusi street, Ago palace one Jeff was attacked  when they were being chased out of the polling units for not voting for their candidates, but Jeff who resisted the hoodlums was seriously attacked.

Further finding by our correspondent also reveal that those casting their vote for APC are allowed to vote more than once as an elderly woman was seen voting for three times. An APC party agent was seen telling voters that are members of his party at Alabi Oyo will vote before any other political parties.

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