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‘You’re A blessing To Our Agency’, NACETEM Celebrates Chairman On His Birthday



Press Statement

26th August, 2022

Birthday celebration is an occasion to take stock of one’s life and reflect deeply on the grace of God. It’s a time to be grateful to one’s maker for the gift of life and for being a blessing to humanity. We are fortunate to have a Chairman at a time such as this in NACETEM history who is not just blessed, but a blessing to the Agency and humanity at large, celebrating his birthday today, 26th August, 2022.

The Management and staff of the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) join millions of people all over the world, particularly those within the Science, Technology and Innovation Community to rejoice with the Chairman, NACETEM Governing Board, Hon. (Sir) Haastrup Adewale Olatunji on the occasion of his birthday celebration.

Hon. (Sir) Haastrup Adewale Olatunji has demonstrated, since attaining his present position, that he is in politics to make positive impacts as he has been leading the Agency from the front with a lot of progressive policies. For a man who uses public office to better the lots of the generality of the people, it is not out place to rejoice with him. To this end, NACETEM as an organisation celebrates our indefatigable Chairman today and pray for more wisdom for him as he continues to pilot the affairs of the Agency.

Happy birthday and many congratulations, sir.


Isaac Oluyi