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Nigerian London-Lagos Biker, Adeyanju To Embark On Another Trip To Israel



Nigerian London-Lagos biker, Kunle Adeyanju, has disclosed that he would be embarking on another adventurous ride from Lagos, Nigeria to Everest in Israel and from Israel to Tibet – an autonomous region in China.

The Kwara State-born adventurer who disclosed this in an interview with Arise TV on Tuesday, said that his plan is to accomplish his adventurous mission no later than 2024.

Recall that Adeyanju who had embarked on the London-Lagos adventurous bike ride on a bike he named “Eagle” to raise funds for #EndPolio campaign arrived in Lagos on May 29 after 41 days from April 19 that he left London.

Adeyanju, who shared his experience during the journey, said he covered about 13,000km passing through 11 countries.

He revealed that he was moved to embark on the #EndPolio fundraising ride after his close friend died of polio two years ago, saying that he dedicated the journey to the late friend.

The adventurous biker who also said he spoke to the bike “Eagle” at his difficult moment during his London-Lagos journey added that he would auction his Eagle bike which he wished to be in a museum for people to see in later years.

He also said that the bike communicated back to him when he spoke to it.

He said, “You know during the course of the trip, the bike became my friend, my closest companion. I spoke to him and discovered that machines also have soul.

We may think they are just metals but they have soul because I spoke to Eagle a lot on the trip and the bike did respond back to me. We communicated.

“It’s going to be disrespectful for me to ride Eagle just as a street bike because he’s done that very big and great thing. It was a teamwork between me and Eagle. So, I’m going to be auctioning Eagle and I hope whoever ends up buying Eagle is going to put it in a museum where people can see. The generation cannot only hear the story but let them see.”

For his next journey, Adeyanju said, “I’m going to buy another bike and do another adventure. My next adventure is going to be riding from Lagos to Israel, just passing through Israel then to Tibet.

“Then, I actually want to ride on a Tibetan plane because that is the highest plateau you have in the world. They say God lives in Tibet because of the highest purity. I want to experience that purity.

“My destination is Everest. I’m going to drop my bike at Everest base camp and try to climb Everest. That’s what I’m going to do with myself in the next two years.”

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