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SCSN’s Meeting: Oyetola Urges Muslim Ummah To Take Advantage Of Holy Month Of Ramadan To Pray For End To Insecurity



By Ayobami Agboola, Osogbo

Perturbed by the security challenges currently facing the country, the Governor of Osun, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola has urged Muslim Ummah to take the advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to pray for the security, peace, progress and Development of the country.

CityMirrorNews reports that this year, Ramadan is predicted to start on 2 April 2022, however, this could be subjected to change, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Speaking at the Pre-Ramadan meeting of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria in Osogbo, on Saturday, Oyetola charged Muslims to extend their hands of support to the poor and needy as preached and practised by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He, however, called on Muslim clerics to encourage their followers to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours irrespective of religious, ethnic or political difference.

He said doing so, would enable Muslims to correct some of the wrong notions or misconceptions people hold about Islam as a religion.

He said: “As we are all aware, Nigeria is currently faced with varied security challenges. Consequently, I urge our Imams and scholars here today to take advantage of the month of Ramadan to intensify prayers for the security, peace, progress and development of our country.

“Islam enjoins peaceful coexistence, we should therefore continue to encourage our followers to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours, regardless of the difference in religion, ethnicity or political affiliation. Let our utterances, deeds and actions conform with the commandments of Allah and the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“I believe this is one good way we can use to correct some of the wrong notions or misconceptions people hold about our religion.”

“I regard this Pre-Ramadan meeting as significant because Ramadan is a blessed month that offers a great opportunity for Muslims around the world to re-awaken their spiritual lives and reap bountiful rewards from Almighty Allah. I therefore pray that Allah preserves our lives to witness the holy month. Allahumma Baligna Ramadan.

“As we all know, fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, and the month provides an opportunity for us to strengthen our faith in Allah and spread kindness in the land. The essence of fasting in the month of Ramadan, as Allah noted in Qur’an 2 vs 183, is for us to attain taqwa (piety). Let us, therefore, prepare to make the most of this month by strengthening our commitment to the service of our creator, Allah and humanity”.

He, however, commended the efforts and contribution of Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh AbdulRashid Hadiyatullah to the promotion of application of Sharia law and observance of Islamic moralities among Muslims in Nigeria.

He also appreciated them for choosing to hold the meeting in Osun State and for also inviting him to grace the occasion.

“Let me start by commending the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria under the leadership of our own Sheikh AbdulRashid Hadiyatullah, for your various efforts and contributions to the promotion of application of Sharia law and observance of Islamic moralities among Muslims in Nigeria.

“I appreciate the leadership of the Council for choosing to hold this important meeting in our dear State and for also inviting me to grace this occasion.”

The guest lecturer, Professor Ismaila Shehu of the department of Political Science and International Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, emphasized the need for Muslim leaders to play an exemplary role in the propagation of truth and good leadership.

Speaking on “Predicaments of Nigerian Nation: Ulama to lead the way out,” Prof Shehu urged Muslim leaders to always preach justice and tell the truth to power.

He said, “the ulama should be seen to be telling truth to power (without necessarily being populistic, abrasive or uncharitable), preaching justice, condemning all acts of corruption in unequivocal terms, emphasizing unity and trust among the faithful and criticizing ethnicity and sectionalism as well as making Islam the rallying point of all Muslims in their social, economic and political relations and collective undertakings.

“Doing this, and doing it faithfully and consistently would very hopefully restore to the ulama their ombudsman social status of leading citizens out of the predicaments bedevilling the nation and mobilizing them towards performing their civic responsibilities.

“The most disturbing act of corruption is moral and political corruption perpetrated by those who should be at the forefront of fighting it, namely: the ulama and leaders,” he added.

In his earlier address, the president of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulrashid Hadiyatullah, charged Muslims Ummah on the need to remain united and ensure they give necessary Support to Muslims aspiring for Political position.

He described the recent announcement by a prominent Muslim from Southwest to aspire for presidency as a welcome Development.

Sheikh Hadiyatullah enjoined Muslims who are yet to register for PVC to do so before the closing date saying that’s the only weapon to choose their leaders.

“The recent announcement by prominent Muslims from the Southwest to aspire for the Presidency is a most welcome development, which will InshaaAllah, redress the injustice to the majority Muslims in the region, who have been
marginalized by the Christian minority to political irrelevance…”

“We should silence this arrogance call, by getting Muslims everywhere, especially the Youths, to register before the end of the current Continuous Voter’s Registration, and even more importantly, address the issue of Voter apathy, a creeping reluctance to Vote during elections.”

“Frankly, in a sense the problem of Voter apathy is reasonably understandable, and the reason for this trend, especially in the North, is the high expectations created and a clear failure of the Federal and most State Governments, to fulfill major electoral promises that affect the ordinary people.

“Before the 2015 elections, the President
and other politicians made categorical promises to reduce the pump price of Petrrepair the existing refineries and establish new ones, petrol subsidy, moderate the foreign exchange rate, bring an end to Boko Haram insurgency and other related issues of insecurity; etc. This is partly because political aspirants make promises and assumptions, as outsiders looking in. ”

“However, justified or not, as leaders of the Ummah, it is our responsibility to reverse this negative trend, if we are truly committed to ensuring a just and fair democratic outcome in the forthcoming and future elections.

“The reasons for voter apathy are understandable, but we should be reminded that it is an immutable decimal in life to have an interchange between success and failure, sickness and good health, good and bad fortunes. Some may argue that the electoral process has been a monumental failure for the majority of the citizens.

“But we should remember that the existing democratic arrangement is the only means through which our leaders can emerge, good or bad. Let us therefore be
pragmatic and accept the failure of yesterday or even today, but keep trying for a better tomorrow, InshaaAllah.

“The task before us is a herculean one indeed, but united with a common goal and a common front, perseverance and Allah (SWT)‘s benevolence, we can overcome all difficulties for a smooth sail to victory. Prayers too, yes prayers indeed are necessary, but we must resolve to make all necessary
sacrifices, cognizant that every Muslim has an important role to play.”