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NACETEM Trains Stakeholders On Use Of Science Technology Innovation In Solving Societal Problems



The National Center for Technology Management (NACETEM) has commenced its two days training for stakeholders on how to apply Science Technology Innovation in solving societal problems in the country.

Speaking, the Chairman of NACETEM Governing board Honorable Adewale Haastrup said this year 2022 edition is specifically tailored towards grassroot development because the global pandemic has left the world in chaos, and the worst hit appears to be the rural dwellers who have access to little or no basic amenities.

“To guarantee a sustainable and just way forward, it is crucial to harness the power of science, technology and innovation to address almost if not all the challenges people at the grassroots are experiencing.

He stressed the need to strengthen Nigeria’s innovation system for economic development and sustainability, while canvassing huge investment in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

He said the challenges the country is facing can be tackled through STI hence the need to begin to engage with the critical stakeholders in grassroot development on the significance of STI in development, particularly at the local level.
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He lamented that Nigeria is still faced with the challenges which can only be tacked with STI “to evolve new ways and methods of making STI a top priority in all we do as a nation.

“It needs to be emphasised quickly here that developed nations of the world have used STI to a great advantage and it is evident in their giant strides in all facets of life.

“Nigeria, as a rapidly developing economy, must, as a matter of urgency, begin to drive her development with STI.

“A nation such as ours which has myriad of challenges have a lot to benefit from this, and will even do much better, if we can adopt a bottom-up approach – from local to the national! In fact, this will bring development to the supposedly unreached of the society quicker than we may think it is possible! And this is exactly what this workshop intends to achieve by bringing STI practitioners, directors of science and technology at state level, stakeholders at the local government level, civil societies, among others together with a view to brainstorming on how STI can be effectively utilised to drive inclusive and sustainable development at the grassroot level”.

He added that the workshop has prepared well equip speakers that will present their speech where actionable solutions will be come up with and participants will be left with no choice than to immediately become change agents in their respective domains”

Also, The Director General and chief executive officer, Dr Omimakinde John Akintayo said that science and technology can only have a meaningful impact on the socio-economic transformation of countries if it influences development processes and births new products in the market.

He stressed that STI hold the key to the present and future development of any society such as creation of wealth, improvement of the quality of life , economic growth and transformation in the society.

He said it is time to let the stakeholders in grassroot development realize that escape from poverty and other anti-development challenges is predicted on investment in science, technology and innovation technology.

He noted that both rural and urban setting will be educated on STI impact during the training.

“It needs to be stressed here that there is a vacuum to be filled in the deployment of STI at the grassroots and one of the ways to do it is to mobilise people through education, empowerment and enlightenment.

“To do this, we have to be deliberate and intentional. We cannot afford to be haphazard about it, as systematic and conscious efforts must be geared towards educating, empowering and enlightening those who would be saddled with the responsibility of using STI to advance development at the grassroot level.

“Our gathering here is one of such deliberate efforts to brainstorm on how we can collectively adopt STI as a veritable tool of development.”

“The Roles of STI in Development at the Grassroot Level’ is not just a catch phrase, but a carefully coined expression to register our intent and purpose in addressing grassroot development. And we have lined up array of experienced speakers ranging from policymakers to STI practitioners who would guide our discussions with a view to coming up with practicable ways through which science, technology and innovation can be deployed to solving developmental challenges at the grassroots.

“This is a forum where actionable solutions will be come up with and participants will be left with no choice than to immediately become change agents in their respective domains! As a result, I encourage everyone here present to actively participate in this workshop”.

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