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Sat Guru Maharaj jI Denies Allegation Of Cooking With Human Blood



–Speaks On Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition

Sat Guru Maharaj ji the spiritual head of One Love Family recently spoke on allegegations that blood is being used to cook in his village ad well as unfolding issues in the polity. CityMorrorNews Correspondent, Bode Akinbode was at the Maharaj ji Village at Kilometre 10,along lagos/ Ibadan Expressway recently for an interview.


Let me start with the allegegation on a video on social media, an interview by one .Amos Modayibi on Asabe T.V that in this village,there is a place that is used for burial ground and that blood is that blood is used in cooking food here. I want to have your reaction to this sir?

It’s untrue far from the truth, it is a religious and political propaganda to divert sincere seekers of truth from coming to the kingdom now that it has been discovered that religion with all its gories and glories have failed the blackman and the fact that all political processes that we have used up to this very moment have not been able to help nigerians and so most spirtual culture needs to be followed. If you look at what has happened in the last forty years , people now know that maharaj ji is the way and so that interview is a vendetta against Nigerians , Africans and the whole world. It is something you cannot believe because it is totally untrue.

In some of your interviews you have always shown your preference for Bola Tinubu to become the next President of Nigeria , now that he has clinched the APC presidential ticket, are you still holding on to this position despite criticisms about his health condition and age?

I’ve always been a believer of truth and I believe in the African struggle for freedom. In the past, I’ve supported him because when he was the governor of Lagos state, I was in a battle spiritually to make sure that whatever happens, Nigeria will not fall into any kind of war. Come year 2023, we can see that the political climate is pressing towards seeing Nigerians coming together. Recently , they had the APC convention where they chose a consensus candidate. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has slso emerged the party’s presidential candidate , Tinubu is a good man, in the past, he has done well but this muslim/Muslim ticket thing is somehow. I must tell you whoever I will support must come for divine knowledge from Maharaj ji otherwise,we are going to go from frying pan to fire. I’m not against anybody. Any sitting governor should not be President, why because they have not been able to curb what we call banditry. So until divine knowledge comes in which has made the Americans and the Europeans have superior powers, we cannot do anything. So I’m ready to support anybody who is ready to receive divine knowledge.

Is divine knowledge a must for the next Nigerian leader?

The moment there’s someone with divine knowledge ruling the country, armed robbery will cease, herdsman and banditry will stop immediately . So today, we need somebody with knowledge to rule and guide us, somebody who will listen to Maharaj ji in order to free the black man from slavery that we have found ourselves. I’m ready if they call me, I will take Nigeria to the highest point. My expectations is to see a productive and a powerful Nigeria that will prove to the world that what a white man can do, a black man can do better because we are their senior brothers. If you ask these brothers and sisters here, I teach them how to make cars in their dream, how to make fashion styles . Here I am a black man, that’s to tell you that *Inu ikoko dudu leko funfun tin jade*(It is from the black pot, the white pap emanates) that history is now repeating itself because civilization started from here. So my expectations are every big.

Ritual killings for money is very rampant in the country, what is the way out?

The way out is embracing the light. Everybody is praying to somebody, to God, to Allah, to Olodumare and so on and it is said that what you sow you will reap, prayer will not work. People who are into money rituals are doing so as a result of spiritual bankruptcy which has led to misapplication, misappropriation, maladministration of the socio-economic status of the world particularly in Nigeria here. I’ve always said it that we have to go back to the beginning when the black man rule the world and if people feel afraid to go there, they can just pick up the surest way to get money, and the surest way is by funding education. Unlike creating what we call HIV trust fund, it should be education trust fund whereby children from six by the time they get to twenty will be adequately trained in cooking, electrical installations, carpentry, fashion designing, mechanical engineering and so they would be able to fit into the economy but instead we’re involved in what is called tribal war. Ibo man wants to rule, the Yoruba wants to rule and the Hausa too, creating problem here and there. We can also see the elders stealing billions of naira and people don’t know the difference between the resources that we have. There must be a law that will make vocational training compusory and not only that, people in the north should be given the grace to give birth to a certain number of children not ten children and then put them on the road because he could say it is lawful to beg on the road even without any reason. We must also make sure that agriculture is attractive to all. So like I said, there’s a spiritual bankruptcy, that’s why you see people killing another person for rituals.

How would you assess governance in the last seven years particularly at the federal level?

If we talk about roads, I will give him a pass mark because if you look at Ibadan road here, many cars have been spoilt due to the kind of road we’re having until President Mohammadu Buhari came in with Fashola. On security, it is zero. Insecurity is at a level we’ve never experienced in Nigeria. Infrastructure, maybe yes I can give him 70%. What about companies that have closed down, what about the price of foodstuffs that have gone up . So , all I can say is that President Mohammadu Buhari has done well due to his level of understanding of political situation but a lot needs to be done. He need to sit up, wake up and make sure that all Nigerians are treated as brothers and sisters to implement any kind of change that’s already happening in some African countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea and Nigeria cannot be an exception.

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