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Olufon Stool: Why Odunolu Ruling House Cannot Produce The New King – Oluyeyin Ruling House



As questions continue to trail the request of the Osun State Government for the Odunolu ruling house to produce the next occupier of the Olufon stool, the Oluyeyin ruling house has provided strong arguments on why the decision was improper and needed to be stepdown.

The Osun State Government in a letter dated November 19, 2021, had instructed the Orolu Local Government to call on the Odunolu ruling house to present a candidate to fill the vacant Olufon stool.

But reacting to the development, the Oluyeyin ruling house in press conference held on Monday, argued that the state government acted in error, pointing out that going ahead will not only foul morality but create a situation for an unending controversy.

“That apart from the case filed in late 2020 on the instruction of late Olufon by the entire Olufon family, that is Suit No: HOs/104/2020 pending in the High Court Osogbo, the purpose of which is to determine the authentic Odunolu family between two distinct groups, the two groups who are taking reconciliation have not been able to agree who their family head is thereby making it difficult for the local government to write the appropriate head of family, and impossible to follow the letters of 1979 Olufon of Ifon Chieftaincy,” the Oluyeyin ruling house noted in the press briefing that was signed by Prince Olatoye Oyedokun, who is the head of the Oluyeyin ruling house, along with three other Princes, Oladepo Oyelade, Wahab Akinola and Araoye Busari.

Continuing, the Oluyeyin ruling house observed that the controversy rocking the Odunolu ruling house makes it inappropriate for it to produce the new Olufon, pointing out that this leaves it (the Oluyeyin ruling house) as the rightful place where the Olufon should come from.

“In a letter of 26th April 2021, the entire Olufon family has unanimously agreed that only Odunolu and Oluyeyin have not taken their turns and that the stool should be filled from either Odunolu or Oluyeyin Ruling Houses while pointing to the fact that Odunolu Ruling House is turbulent,” the Oluyeyin ruling house explained.

“The turbulence has led to these messy situations ranging from pending court cases, to irreconcilable differences, and now, the head of Odunolu Ruling House, Prince Wahab Oyegbile has rejected the call by the State and local government to produce the next Olufon from Odunolu Ruling House, rather, he wants the government to implement 1988 Declaration that a competent court as declared as improper.”

The Oluyeyin ruling house however urged on the State Government to consider the implication of the controversy that comes with the Odunolu ruling house producing the next Olufon on the ancient town, Orolu Local Government and Osun as a whole, noting that the right thing to do is for government to reverse itself and “direct the filling of the exalted stool from Oluyeyin Ruling House forthwith.”

In a non related development, the Oluyeyin ruling house expressed heartfelt condolences to the family of Asiwaju Asifat Okikiola Olarinde, praying for the repose of his soul and that God grant him eternal rest.

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