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Osun APC Crisis: TOP Doubts If Coming Party’s Congress Will Be Successful



The Osun Progressives (TOP) has declared that the current state leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and government as presently constituted will make nonsense of the laudable intention of the National Secretariat to have consensus arrangement in the coming Congress.

State Chairman of the Osun Progressives (TOP), Reverend Lowo Adebiyi made this observation in a press release yesterday.

He noted that only a political novice will believe that the good intentions of the National Caretaker and Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee will be successful in Osun due to some developing issues that are at variance with the principles of consensus building in Osun APC.

He said : “As we speak, the state Chairman of the Caretaker committee, Prince Gboyega Famodun has refused to carry along the state Secretary, Deputy Chairman, Auditor, Publicity secretary and some other members of the state executives who do not tag along with the evil idea of selling the party ideals to the Governor’s group, the IleriOluwa.

“The aforementioned officers are not privy to anything in preparation for the coming Congress as Prince Famodun has refused to call any meeting for deliberation on Congress matters.

According to Adebiyi, it is an established fact that the Governor’s political group, the IleriOluwa is not ready to share an inch of all the political space with any other interest groups by virtue of their utterances, conducts and deeds.

Incidentally, Adebiyi noted that the party leadership which is supposed to superintend and moderate things within and among all stakeholders and interests groups have sold out to IleriOluwa group and ceded its rights and responsibilities on account of lack of political will helped abundantly by lucre.

“It will therefore be foolhardy and suicidal for other interest groups and stakeholders to talk of consensus building with the party and government backed IleriOluwa group which has manipulated the membership register to maximum advantage.

“It is doubtless that the Governor’s group, IleriOluwa wouldn’t give a position to other stakeholders in the party in pursuit of the beautiful and peaceful consensus building but it’s certain that this will have consequences if things are allowed to happen the selfish IleriOluwa way.

“The Osun Progressives (TOP) therefore, unequivocally state it’s lack of confidence in consensus arrangement that will be superintend over by APC leaders in the state who has sold it’s souls to IleriOluwa, today rulers without giving cognisance to feelings of other members.

“Our considered opinion at the Osun Progressives is direct intervention and handling by the worthy men in the National Caretaker and Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee which has dispassionately and successfully handled more difficult cases in some other state”, Adebiyi submitted.

He stated that the Osun Progressives is intent on having a recreated, re-energised super strong party working in un-alloyed unity to approach the 2022 governorship election and subsequent 2023 general elections with a view to winning without stress.

He stressed that it is only a deliberately created mutually inclusive party atmosphere that can bring this about and not when some people are made to work and used to win elections and later dumped for flimsy excuses.


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