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COVID-19: Uniosun Installs Mechanised Sanitising Cubicles On All Campuses



….Begins Implementation Of “Operation Wash Your Hands And Sanitise Your Body Before Entry”

As Nigeria continues to record an upward trend in numbers of daily COVID-19 positive cases during the second wave of the pandemic, the Management of Osun State University under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, has proactively installed mechanized sanitizing cubicles on all campuses of the University for staff, students and visitors to check their temperature, wash their hands with soap and water and sanitize their body before being granted access into any of the University campuses.

It will be recalled that the University unveiled her sanitizing cubicles on the 15th of June 2020 and commenced the distribution of the cubicles to interested organizations at a friendly price.

In the sanitizing cubicle, you will be required to check your temperature, wash your hands with soap and water by matching on a pedal without using your hands to touch anything and a sprayer is also built in the cubicle that will spray all your body from head to toe to disinfect you of any virus that might be hiding in the body. If your temperature is high, an alarm will sound and you will not be able to proceed to enter the campus but if your temperature is within an acceptable limit and you have washed your hands and sanitized your body, then you will be allowed to enter the campus with your nose mask on.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, while speaking on the newly installed sanitizing cubicles on all the campuses of the University, reinstated his commitment to the safety of the lives of staff, students and even visitors of the University.

“We are indeed in perilous times as the numbers of victims are mounting day by day and these numbers are gradually becoming names of those we know. It is in view of this that we urge everyone to commence the prevention of this scourge by accepting the realities, taking responsibilities and joining us in enforcing compliance of the COVID-19 protocols in all our campuses and beyond. As we pray for protection, let us please help the prayers by demonstrating strict obedience,” Professor Labode Popoola added.