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Hunters, Police Foil Suspected Herdsmen’s Kidnap Attempt In Osun



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Suspected herders ambushed a bus belonging to Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) on Akure/Ilesha Road and would have robbed or kidnapped the travellers but for the intervention of local hunters and policemen.

It was gathered that the heavily armed assailants jumped out of the bushes and intercepted the bus and other vehicles, shooting as they came.

Some passengers took cover in the bush while other motorists made a U-turn.

A driver said, “We were on the road for about two hours because we could not see some of those that we were travelling with. The herdsmen stopped the vehicles but I pulled over the car and I ran into the bush; one of them came close and took the bag inside my car that contained my money and clothes. Those people are very dreadful. The quick intervention of the hunters and police forced them to leave the road.”

“They attacked us to rob and kidnap us on that road. They were armed with sophisticated weapons.”

Police spokeswoman Yemisi Opalola confirmed the incident yesterday morning.

She said, “It Is true that people that were suspected to be Fulani herdsmen came out of the bush and attempted robbing the motorists along Akure/Ilesa Road, by Iwaraja on Saturday around 6pm.

“The owners of those vehicles later came out and took the vehicles away.”

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