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Find Your Calling, Use It To Train People, And Win Souls For The Kingdom – SPAC Nation Global Pastor



Believers have been charged to find their callings and utilize them to impact humanity in the quest to produce more rounded individuals who will gain souls for Christ.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega of The Nation Family made this call while delivering the message during the Creative Glory service of the ministry.The service which was streamed via the social media handles of the Church climaxed the Word Explosion which held all through the previous week.

The well-versed minister of the word said many who have calls upon their lives easily allow themselves to be distracted by the call on the lives of others.

PT said in no uncertain terms that there should be a discovery of the specific call on an individual’s life as that is what is needed to be in God’s class and fulfil divine assignment.

“There is the flesh class and then there is the God class.You are put in the flesh class but you are called into The God Class. The interesting thing is that you don’t need first class or religion to be in God’sclass. The present challenges of the world can only be solved by people who are in God’s class.”

Pastor Tobi said there should be emphasis on an individual’scalling so as to fulfil purpose in order to prevent futile efforts.

He quoted from James 3:17 and 1 Corinthians 1:26-29 while literally pushing all to consider their callings. The Pastor added that secular wisdom was of no use to God and should be dropped when getting into divine calling.

According to him, secularity, human wisdom and material acquisition should beset aside so that God will be allowed to put His glory over us.

“Heavens do not value you in terms of cash or properties. Itis done based on your calling, and it is that calling that brings all material things which you crave. Every other thing is inferior to your calling; every other thing is meaningless when it comes to your call.”

Pastor Tobi went on to strongly advise believers against letting anything compete with or replace their call.

“Do not let anything replace your calling. Do not let anyone replace your calling with their deeds or words. Face your calling and excel init! That is all you owe God and yourself. Some people get distracted by the call on others when they should focus on their own. Watch it, don’t allow yourself to be derailed. Do not let the flesh interfere in your call!”

PT quoted Matthew 28:14 – 19, and called on all and sundry to embrace the Great Commission, stressing actions supersede words in making disciples.

He further noted that religious inclinations have no meaning in making disciples, pointing out that people are being led to Christ through him without actual preaching.

“You can get people from all walks of life into the Kingdom of God without the need to condemn or malign them. Your actions, your giving,your way of life alone are all enough to make them ask to be in the same Kingdom with you, even without you formally asking them to.”

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