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A Viral Video Against Oodua People’s Congress On Ikire Leadership Crisis:Let Us Put The Record Straight




The attention of the Oodua People’s Congress OPC, Osun State Chapter has been drawn to a viral video skit in which the Yoruba Socio-cultural group was erroneously accused of mitigating against the advocate of Oodua nation.

It is pertinent that we put the record straight at this juncture so as to educate members of the public, most especially, the Yoruba’s on the leadership crisis currently unfolding in Ikire, headquarters of Irewole Local Government area of Osun State where the purported video skit emanated from.

Firstly, it is important that we educate the public that what currently unfold in Ikire is a leadership crisis between the Oodua People’s Congress and a splinter group which felt disaffected which the emergence of the coordinator for the town, Mr.Abiye and subsequently went ahead to team up with a faceless group with the name,Oodua People’s Initiative Committee, OPCI.

As stated above, the emergence of the Mr. Abiye,as the coordinator through the divine choice of the Yoruba Ifa divination was not welcome by some members of the OPC in Ikire, who thereafter went ahead to hide under the OPIC to for me to trouble in the ancient town of Olive. This group was led by one Mr. Agboola Ogundare popularly known as Baba Kemi,who was a former member of the OPC in Ikire.

His new found group was vehemently rejected by the traditional rulers of Ikire,Apomu and Ikoyi for being anti-yoruba course and told to his face to join up with OPC under the leadership of Aare Gani Adams in order to achieve the common Yoruba agenda for self-determination and security of the region.

Not satisfied with the advice of the traditional rulers I’m Ikire, Apomu and Ikoyi, Baba Kemi went ahead to team up with a another group under the cover of Yoruba-nation to actualise it’s northern agenda on Yoruba soil.

Let us be informed that the agitation for Yoruba self-determination agenda started with the Oodua People’s Congress under the headship of Aare Gani Adams and we have never move away from this agenda.

The Oodua Nation rally was held in Osogbo,the Osun State capital on Saturday last week and enjoyed popular support of our group and the the crisis that erupted in Ikire occured on Tuesday,, four days after the Osogbo rally, if we didn’t disrupt the Osogbo Yoruba Nation rally in the state capital, why would we do that in Ikire is the big question begging for answer?
It is pertinent that we note that the splinter group in Ikire and its environment are being sponsored by disgruntled politicians in the area who are bent on distruping the peace in the area and throw the communities into avoidable crisis.

We in the Oodua People’s Congress under the leadership of Aare Gani Adams is solidly in support of the cause for the actualisation of Yoruba self-determination and we shall continue to be in support of any course that will ensure that the common agenda for a peaceful Yoruba Nation, including Ikire,Apomu and Ikoyi is jointly actualised.

We enjoined members of the public to disregard the self-serving claims in the viral video and be rest assured that we shall continue to abide with the cause of ensuring lasting peace and tranquility.

The splinter OPIC group are on self-serving mission and should not be allowed to destroy the Ikire communities.

We charge the various security agencies to work on the fact available on ground to resolve the impasse and ensure that peace continue to reign supreme.

We, in the Oodua People’s Congress will not join the bandwagon in any rivalry as we are at the forefront of the struggle and we have not relent.

We appeal for caution and diligent observation and investigation whenever similar situation occur.
May the Almighty God continue to enrich our nation, Yorubaland. Amen.

Prince Adadeji Aladesawe,
Coordinator, Oodua People’s Congress, OPC,
Osun State.

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