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Secret Plans For Cape Verde To Change Its Name By Stella Olayemi



If Ulisses Correia Wins Election He Has Pledged To Change The Name Of The Micro-Nation To The Voice Of America

How does a country hardly anyone has heard of, which is best known for the transit point for cocaine from South America and a population of barely 600,000 defy the wishes of 14 other
countries with a combined population of 400,000,000.

Yes, you read that correctly – that’s
four hundred million.

The answer is when that tiny micro-nation is Cape Verde, and it has decided that it wants to be an extension of the United States in Africa.

The constitution of Cape Verde does not permit the establishment of military bases by another country on Cape Verdean soil so, in a desperate attempt to win the favour of the United States, Prime Minister Ulisses Correia plans
to change the name of his country to The Voice of America.

Our Special Investigations Unit has learned that Ulisses Correia also plans to hold a referendum seeking a mandate to convert The Voice of America into a military base thus very cleverly circumventing the constitution in the best interests of the people.

This brilliant piece of strategic thinking was apparently developed after many late nights spent binge-watching
episodes of “Homeland” and “24”.

The ECOWAS Commission was contacted for its comments he said that he preferred to watch
“Jack Ryan”

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