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Osun PDP Scolds Governor Oyetola Over Workers Salary



The Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has advised the ruling APC government in Osun State to halt the incessant ridicule being brought on the state with its persistent self grading in payment of workers salary in the state, wondering why the governor and his noise-making subordinates have reduced themselves to mere jesters on serious duty post.

Reacting to a recent statement credited to the state Commissioner for Political Affairs and Inter Governmental Relations, Mr Taiwo Akeju, “where he wanted the whole state to take a kneel on the mountain top over mere payment of workers salary by a whole state government”.

The PDP asked the governor to resign if he’s so wicked and bereft of his routine administrative duties as a state governor.

The PDP recalled how a normal memo diapachable exercise in a serious administration of PDP government suddenly changed into a poster achievement of a state governor since advent of APC government in Osun State.

“We would want to know whether the governor or and his indolent commissioner are not drawing their bogus salary and allowances from the state’s treasury, even while doing virtually nothing, for the likes of Akeju to be asking us to roll out drums for Mr Oyetola for paying workers, who have been brain boxes of governance right before Akeju was hired as a commissioner in a ‘vuvuzela’ ministry,” the PDP retorted.

“Having reduced governance to such a joke however, we demand that the governor finds a way round payment of outstandimg entitlements of public servants in the state, including the over 30 months unpaid workers salary, as well as similar volume of butchered pensioners monthly token, which have been left unattended to since Oyetola rusumed with his fraudulent government of policy denial”.

“We have also noted with dismay, the persistent mockery of pensioners in the state with what could best be described in common parlance as audio release of funds for their entitlements. It is worrisome that a whole governor would be going about lying about release of over 30billion naira for pensioners in the state.”

“Though, we sympathize with Mr Oyetola for sweating so profusely in search of legitimacy and acceptability in a state he is extremely unpopular as a mandate looter. However, he should stop his penchant for barefaced lies, trying to curry undeserved public pity with utter disregard for personal dignity of the retired workers”.

“The PDP therefore called on Mr Oyetola and his assembly of school-boy commissioners to do their job they are being paid for instead of continuous desecration of the state with songs of payment of salary like an unweaned child in government.

“If Mr governor and his men are so confused, we advise they take excursion visits to other reasonable constituent states of the federation where talk of salary payment has never been on the front burners of public discourse because such exercise to them, was normal and an expedient obligation of anyone in government without recourse to seeking sympathetic applause”.

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