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Pastor Tobi Warns Nigerians Against Apathy on Social Issues



By Ayobami Agboola

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor Tobi Warns Nigerians Against Apathy on Social Issues Pastor of The Nation Family, also known as SPAC Nation, has charged believers not to make the mistake of claiming they are pursuing their heavenly homes while leaving their earthly homes in the hands of the wicked in their societies.

The firebrand minister of the word was speaking in London during the service themed The Nations Service, a service that focused on prayer for the nations of the world.

According to Pastor Tobi, Christians have to pray for the nations because they are parts of different nations and the mistake of one person in position of authority can negatively impact them as individuals and subsequently derail the entire people.

“The wicked are currently ruling in most nations and they are deciding the future of our kids. The wicked are not necessarily what we term wicked. According to The Bible, they are those who choose not to acknowledge the Lord, and there are many of such people in positions of authority.”

He further explained that the rulers who have turned things upside down are not totally blameless, saying he would put the blame at the doorstep of Christians who are mostly concerned about individuality and have little or no concern for the nations.

“Christians stand aloof and claim they are chasing their heavenly homes while leaving people who are controlled from the other kingdom to run the affairs of this world. They keep waiting for certain people such as celebrities, to speak for them. The ones you expect to speak up cannot do that because they are owned by the system. Can they speak against a system that made them?”

PT opined that there are many poor nations in Africa that present themselves as rich when they are actually very poor. He particularly mentioned Nigeria which he said was without wealth.

“There is no wealth in Nigeria. A country cannot be wealthy when only some citizens are rich. It only goes to show that demons are ruling. The good news however is that there is a stash of wealth that the wicked cannot touch till the saints take over the nations for God.”

He used that opportunity to call on Christians to drop the garment of selfishness and go all out to make sure they impact the lives of people around them as one changed life is capable of going on to change many other lives.

The Pastor who has at different times helped in addressing youth violence in London city stressed that The Nation Family will not be tired about taking the nations for God as there is a sincere cry for the nations in their hearts without them being bothered about human approval.

Responding to critics who have tagged the Church as controversial, Pastor Tobi asked them to come into the community where the Church operates and then see if they will not be tagged worse. He said The Nation Family is not out to impress anyone but to go and win over the nations for God.

“Our task is not to impress anyone or conform to the standards they have set. We are concerned about taking the different worlds in this world for Christ and we will keep doing that no matter the amount of unfair scrutiny and criticism we receive.”


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