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Sweet Suicide! By Ifeanyi KOH



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Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs are not the answer to life’s challenges but lots of people find solace in them.

The human mind joggle lots of possibilities; suicide is sadly one of them. And in a world saturated with me, myself and I messages, it’s hypocrisy to ask people not to take their lives in their hands.

I won’t support suicide, never! I won’t support people who momentarily turn to anti-suicide campaigner just because of a news of yet another incidence of a taken life.

Everyone is fighting a personal battle. That’s an excuse too lame. We can’t all fight our battles individually. We all need back up.

If there’s ever a day of reckoning, some people will be charged with murder of loved ones whose death could have been prevented iff they were less selfish enough to pay attention.

Everything is NOT about money. Showing that you sincerely care can go a long way in strengthening someone to carry on.

Now look, my friend. These glam and beauty on the internet are real! People are truly having fun. People are making money. People are living happily.

I need not remind you that a good number of those are merely whitewashed grave.

Here’s what I need you to do: take the real ones as a motivation to keep your hope of good life alive. As for the fake, they’re not your business.

Draw strength from within more than from external factors. Be at peace with yourself. Love yourself. Practice self love by loving others.

I understand that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose who chooses you as friend. Stay away from bad energy and don’t give others same.

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