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Pray For Nigeria’s Peace And Unity, Salinsile Charges Muslims As Ramadan Begins



Hon Salinsile

The caretaker Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Osun State Chapter, Hon Rasaq Salinsile has congratulated Muslim faithful in the state on the sighting of the Moon and simultaneous commencement of Ramadan fasting.

Salinsile in a message he signed and made available to CityMirrorNews in Osogbo on Monday charged Muslim faithful to use the fasting period to pray for the unity of the Nation.

The Osun APC scribe rejoiced with the Muslims for the grace of the Almighty Allah that enables them to witness another month of Ramadan on earth and against all odds.

The message states, “fasting during the holy month of Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam as delivered to the believers by the prophet of Allah (SAW). Therefore, whosoever among believers that obeys the commandment will enjoy the benefits as elucidated in the Qur’an.”

“It is from the kindness of the Most Supreme Being to His slaves that Ramadan month affords believers the opportunity to move closer to their Creator and become a refined creature via prayers, constant and regular worshipping, self abstain from worldly enjoyment, perseverance and soberness.”

The APC scribe said, “as a nation, Nigeria is faced with tremendous challenges that range from terrorism, militancy, kidnapping, banditry and famers/herdmen crisis among others. Despite these challenges and trials, Nigerians are still pressing on. It has not been all rosy, but in all of these, one can confidently say, there is hope for our nation.”

“With the effort committed to the eradication of aformentioned challenges by the APC led government of President Muhammad Buhari, one can vouch that, there shall be light at the end of the tunnel which has clouded our space for decades. It is not out of place to say we are winning the war against terrorism up the north and militancy in the south. There is hope! With the support of all Nigerians, our nation will conquer her adversaries.”

While taking a swipe at rumour peddlers and scaremongers that were fond of misinforming general public and heating up national polity, Hon Salinsile described their act as a display of contemptible cowardice, an ungodly action that doesn’t have the blessing of the Creator.

He advised players in these categories to repent as the holy month has bestowed on every evil advocate, the privilege to turn new leaf and seek the face of the Lord.

“What we need right now as a nation is promotion of peace and unity. There is no better time that Muslims can help pray for Nigeria than, now! What is expected of every Nigerian is a patriotic role that can guarantee and sustain our cohesion, peaceful co-existence and unity. It’s in our interrelatedness that citizens can prosper and achieve a nation of their desired dreams.” Said the APC Secretary.

Hon Salinsile also charged Nigerians to be more proactive and support the government of APC at all levels in the party’s vision to build a better place for the coming generations, he prayed that Almighty Allah grants all believers required resources and good health to sail through the holy month. He also prayed that Allah accepts all our prayers and efforts committed to Ramadan and beautifully reward us in this life and hereafter.

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