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Divine Timing Is Important In Leadership– SPAC Nation GLP Advises



Leadership is a very sensitive position that involves certain processes before an individual can become successful so as to ultimately fulfil potential and impact humanity.

This submission was made by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the global Lead Pastor of The Nation Family, who urged would-be leaders to not jump the gun in their quest for leadership and destiny fulfilment.

Pastor Tobi was speaking during the family meeting of the Pentecostal ministry which is also known as SPAC Nation.

According to PT as the charismatic preacher of the word is affectionately called, there is the need to understand leadership through followership . He noted that apprenticeship precedes ‘mastership’ and anyone who misses the very critical stage of apprenticeship mostly ends up as a failed leader .

Pastor Tobi cited the example of Joshua who he said waited to learn the ropes from Moses before being made leader. He explained that many do not wait to have power transmitted to them, choosing instead to take leadership by force when they should still be under the tutelage of others.

“Joshua learnt from the best: Moses. He did not go to anyformal school of finance or war or administration. God used Moses to teach himhow to be a leader, learning the ropes through many of the things he wasinvolved in on the way to The Promised Land. This made Joshua enjoy a smoothtransmission.”

He faulted the mentality of many people who today seethemselves as leaders when they should still be under the leadership of amentor.

“Many people like this feel they are living the dream ofother people when in fact God is building them up to be better than the peoplewho should be mentoring them. There is the need to stay under leadership and learnthe ropes so that there will be a complete download of the leadership manualinto you from your present leader.”

Pastor Tobi referred to the download as a ‘wifi connectionwhich cannot be hacked’, adding that there are many things on the inside thatwould never find expression unless one is exposed to true mentoring andleadership. He then charged all and sundry to understand the order it takes andfollows the process so as to produce the required results, adding that ‘timing’was of essence in the process of emerging as a leader.

“The story of the trio of Elijah, Elisha and Gehazi isanother example of leadership transfer. Elisha bid his time and followedthrough the process that saw Elijah carried up before he assumed the positionof Elijah. He waited for the right time. This was what Gehazi did not do thatmade him end up as a negative example to follow. Gehazi was all sorts of thebad follower who would have made a bad leader. In fact, it was his bad traitsthat made him end in infamy.”

He pointed out that Caleb waited for the right time to joinJoshua and together they took nations. He said both Joshua and Caleb did notclaim to know too much. Instead, they opened their hearts and minds to learnfrom God through Moses.

“There was a transfer into Caleb at 40 which did notmanifest until the age of 80. Many times it is about the right time. Don’t run,don’t fly, don’t rush ahead of your time; just wait and follow the process.David was anointed King but he did not ascend the throne until many yearsafter. Wait for the appointed time because if you jump the gun, you will burnout before your period of manifestation comes.”

Charging believers to not stop engaging in soul winning,Pastor Tobi said no recruitment agency can be as effective as the one ordainedby God for the recruitment of souls into His kingdom as that was the surest wayto take over nations.

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