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PDP Carpets Oyetola Over Integrity Inspection On Osun Mega Schools, Says He’s Trying To Hide Under Pretentious Actions



Gov Gboyega Oyetola

Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has asked the APC administration in the state, led by Mr Gboyega Oyetola to desist from rubbing salts of his personal confusion to the injuries of mindless looting allegedly perpetrated by him and APC government in the State.

The call is sequel to laborious cum dramatic integrity inspection being conducted on few school building projects most of which were completed less than 6 years ago but are now on the brinks of total collapse.

“One wonders why such APC orchestrated emergency situation had to wait till 11th hour to the governorship election in the state for Oyetola and his skit making engineers to start advertising such potentially fatal defects on projects executed at outrageous costs. It is sad to note that the state is being made to make monthly refunds on loans obtained on the projects running into hundreds of billions of Naira.

Although, out party is not unmindful of Mr Oyetola’s desperate bid to hide under pretentious actions as this 11th hour so called integrity tests on projects executed by their own government and as a matter of fact, when Mr Oyetola was calling shots around as the chief of staff to his former boss, Rauf Aregbesola.

The confusion in Mr Oyetola got to a head yesterday when his CPS, Ismail Omipidan, told the whole world that pictures of failures noticed on the structures have been taken way before Mr Oyetola got scampered into office. One wonders why it took Mr Governor and his panting lieutenants so long to start advertising the pictures to unsuspecting members of the public without moving a muscle of rectification. Because elections are near?

Mr Oyetola and Apc should purge themselves of incessant gimmicks of deceiving the public whenever they are faced with electoral humiliation. Waiting for more than 3 years after purportedly noticing structural failures of their own projects is tantamount to reckless ineptitude, wickedness and a complete lack of respect for human lives, especially innocent children who are matched into the Mega death traps almost on daily basis.

Mr Oyetola must stop forthwith, his low grade cunningness and laborious struggle to distance himself from a government in which he was a principal actor for 8 years. Claiming ignorance of actions taken in the last administration is a mere waste of his trickery endowments.

For all we care, Oyetola can stab his former boss in the back on the altar of messy intrigues in their sinking party, but the cost burden in terms of consequential liabilities on the state, which have been shrouded in uncanny secrecy should also be unraveled. That is where people can begin to take the governor’s integrity merry-go-round a bit serious.

That the good people of our dear state are not availed the actual debt portfolio incured to execute the failed Mega Schools and other abandoned projects scattered across the state, is a cracked integrity foundation on its own.

Assuming without conceding that Mr Oyetola was always on errand or on discretion AWOL when critical decisions were taken in the last administration, it is however a double blurred integrity for him to continue to keep extent of the state’s liability away from the same people that are being made to offset it even with their blood, especially now that he’s in capacity to call for all files assumedly hidden away from him as Chief of Staff to his former bossom friend and boss.

While we urge the governor and his co skit makers to drop the cameras and get serious to prevent imminent catastrophe from the failing and falling Mega frauds in the guise of Mega Schools, it is also our candid view for him to look directly in the mirror to see the principal culprit in the integrity failure of Apc administration since 2010.

Mr Oyetola for instance, should extend his integrity searchlight to the cracking Mungo Park age Flyover at Olaiya before it is allowed to inflict fatal pains on innocent road users in the state. The integrity radar should also explain to the public why the flyover was compressed into a single carriage way as against what was tabled before the public prior to commencement of work on the project.

Though, the PDP finds it heart-warming that residents of the state are seeing through the kindergarten deceits of the governor and his end-time team of engineers, we however urge all and sundry to be on the alert for more of such hardsell, tortoise-like gimmicks, which we see as crude affront on collective intelligence of the good people of Osun State.

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