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Again, Buhari Government Increases Prices Of Electricity Meters, Second Time In One Year



The Nigerian Government has again raised the cost of both single-phase and three-phase electricity meters beginning from November 15, 2021.

This is despite stakeholders decrying the poor implementation of the Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) policy.

The prices which were initially N36,991 for single phase and N67,055 for three-phase meters, were increased in 2018 to N44.896.16 for single phase and N82,855.19 for three-phase meters.

However, in a circular dated November 11, 2021, issued by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, the regulator raised the price of a single-phase meter from the current cost of N44,896.17 to a revised price of N58,661.69.

It also increased the price of a three-phase meter from the current cost of N82,855.19 to a revised rate of N109,684.36.

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