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You’re The Architect Of Sustainable Development, Osun Chief Whip Praises Women



The Chief Whip of the Osun State House of Assembly, Hon Tunde Olatunji has described women as real architect of sustainable development and a stable society.

In a message to celebrate this year’s Day, Hon Olatunji said women possessed inherent power to create, nurture and transformed.

The Lawmaker noted, “The world needs women at all levels to change the dynamics , reshape the conversation, and make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded.”

In placing women in a vantage position to explore their innate capacity for benefit of a stable and peaceful society, he canvassed free,quality and compulsory education for women in Nigeria.

“In realization of this indispensable innate capacity, as a starting point in Nigeria, the Universal Basic Education Act should be amended to provide for the compulsory and fees free school from primary through secondary school for the girl child. Its current status of making Education free at the basic level only is not sufficiently result oriented for women”. Hon Olatunji said.

The Legislator who represents Ife North State Constituency also advocated aggressive public enlightenment campaign on the need to incorporate women into the economy, noting that active participation of women in economic activities does not only impact of the standard of living of individual family, but a significant indicator of the macro economic development of any nation.

Hon Olatunji appealed to parents and guardians to make the education and care of their girl children priority in their planning.

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