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Islamic Group Calls For Sharia Court In Southern Nigeria



Sharia court in southern Nigeria

Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria, an Islamic group in Nigeria has called for the creation of sharia court in southern Nigeria.

The group made the call in a communique on Saturday after it ended its third national summit.

Lawal Maidoki, President of the group and Ahmad M.Y the group’s National General Secretary signed the document.

The summit was attended by over 50 Muslim and Christian organisations with the theme ‘Peaceful Co-existence, Social Cohesion, and National Development.

According to the group, sharia courts would help Muslims in the south get justice similar to how minority Christians in the North have access to customary courts.

In the communique, the Islamic group also urged the government to empower traditional institutions to aid in fighting insecurity in the country.

Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria, also called on the government to enforce forest rangers and also consider the deployment of a geographical information system to track criminals.

The group also noted that government should do something to redress the deteriorating condition of the citizens with regards to insecurity, rising inflation rate, food supply and the general condition of living in the country.

Ultimately, DCCN recommended the creation of a ministry of religious affair to regulate the conduct and qualifications of preachers among other things.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ярослав

    August 16, 2021 at 11:44 am

    “We want to partner for the creation of Sharia courts in the South-West because of our population of Muslims, he said. The call has since generated so much backlash from social media users who see it as an attempt to introduce some of the controversies that have trailed the enforcement of the law in the 12 northern states in the South-West.

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