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Yoruba Should Avoid Judas Way Of Life By Sen Rilwan Akanbi



I am a Muslim and without biased mind towards Christianity.This and many other encouraged me as a man of culture to read more about Jesus Christ….I have therefore come to ask this rhetorical questions…What did Judas gain from abandoning Jesus? Absolutely nothing! It was all loss……

If we all maintain our dignity,loyalty and affection to one another,this society will be a better place for we all.This is my wish and my plead to our people especially the Yorubas as we appreciate the next dispensation.

We can not over emphasised on the the consequences of betrayal yet we are not upright to one another.Judas, who betrayed Jesus, and Peter, who denied Jesus, both hit a low point in their lives when it looked as if they were done with Jesus forever.

Yet these men responded in very different ways. Judas separated from the other disciples and gave up on faith in Christ completely…What then is the joy or gain in those injuries we caused eachother when indeed it never make us rich or live forever in this sinful life we are.

In the spirit of jettison all those vices to make our life and society more meaningful.The need for Yorubas unity can only become meaningful only if we avoid what would caused bad history from repeating itself.What we loss in Awolowo,missed in Late Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, we must not miss in Tinubu.

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