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Set Up Failed Parents Tribunal In Nigeria, Osun Commissioner Charges FG



Mrs Funke Egbemode, Honourable Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation

Apparently concerned and disturbed by the growing rate of failed parental responsibilities being currently experienced in the society, Commissioner for information and Civic Orientation in Osun State, Mrs Funke Egbemode has called for an urgent concerted efforts by all Governmental and non Governmental stakeholders to checkmate the growing trend.

As one of the steps that could possibly bring an immediate remedy to the situation, Mrs Egbemode has therefore called for the immediate setting up of a Failed Parents Tribunal in the country

The Commissioner made the call while featuring on an OSBC live television programme “Am.Cafe ” where issues that centred on the ways of correcting the many societal ills were discussed.

While adducing factors that accounted for the growing moral let downs In the Society, Mrs Egbemode explained that a lot of parents are no longer paying serious attention to the many ideals that constitute what used to be known and regarded as good and responsible parenting.

She accordingly called for serious measures to be defined and adopted as values to be tailored towards achieving good parenthood.

The information Commissioner warned that any parent found culpable in not leaving up to the expected billings in this regard should not only be named publicly but rebuked and shamed in a manner that will serve as deterrent to others in the same ilk of abdicating the age old responsibilities of good parenthood.

Egbemode further noted with dismay that ” a lot of the so called mothers do no longer strap babies to their back. Breastfeeding a child is no longer a norm.

Parents now wear a dress that almost portray them as going about partially if not completely naked.

The age old affinity and bond of motherhood between a mother and child which is usually elicited when a baby is strapped to the back of its mother is no longer there”

Describing this trend as shameful, disturbing and a big let down ,the Osun Information Commissioner also deflated the decline in the highly valued culture and tradition of children kneeling or prostrating to greet their parents .

Westernization according to her is on a daily basis taking the shine off the hitherto well cherished culture and tradition especially of the Yoruba race.

Egbemode also noted in the course of the half an hour Programme on television that shame has disappeared astronomically from the family dictionary of many households in addition to the fact that a given mother or father no longer sees anything wrong or shameful in their daughter going into prostitution as a means of earning a leaving.

“How unhealthily repulsive it sounds to hear and know that parents of yahoo boys and girls has now formed an Association aimed at not only galvanizing support but even parental protection for their children who are into one internet fraud or the other.

The best language now to many parents according to Mrs Egbemode is money ,not minding its source either genuinely or otherwise.

Shall we continue like this ? Egbemode queried.

While stressing that parenting should be a mutually shared responsibility between the biological parents of any given child and the larger Society, the former President of Nigeria Guild of Editors concluded that with the dwindling moral situation in many homes, many parents and Society in general have failed woefully.

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