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Easter: Osun Chief Whip Rejoices With Christians



As Christians worldwide celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Chief Whip of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Hon Tunde Olatunji has emphasized the need for Christian teachings to revolve around the tenets of Jesus death and resurrection which Easter symbolizes.

In a message to felicitate with faithfuls, Hon Olatunji noted that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is basically about Love, perseverance and sacrifice.

He explained that the prevalence of bloodletting and needless killing pervading many parts of the country was an indication that much needed to be done in inculcating such ideals in the hearts on Nigerians, not only for their salvation sake, but peaceful coexistence of the country.

The Legislator charged leaders of all categories to demonstrate Love for the people, sacrifice and perseverance by discharging their responsibilities faithfully and with all sincerity of purpose.

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