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Workers Day: Osun Assembly Whip Solicits Improved Synergy Between Government, Workers.



The Chief Whip of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Hon. Tunde Olatunji has saluted workers on the occasion of this years workers day celebration.

In a message of commemoration to the two Labour Centers in Nigeria, Hon Olatunji described the working people as the strength and the driving force of economies world over.

He argued that the failure or success of any government or private sector concern was commensurate to the capacity,capability and the sincerity of its work force.

This the legislator noted underscored the inevitability of reevaluating and reforming the Nigeria public service to make it 21st century compliant, service delivery oriented and more productive as well as guaranteeing a sustainable lifestyle for individual workers.

The Chief Whip pointed out that emerging noble phenomenal of this century including climate change and more recently, the menace of COVID-19 were obviously imputing new paradigm to the reality of the working environment and the workforce.

“The noble COVID-19 lockdown and the restriction of some categories of workers from their daily routines had impeded productivity,relationship and changed the working environment from office to working from home, thereby creating a new set of problems that require new solutions”.

Hon Olatunji who represents Ife North State Constituency submitted that the reality of the situation implies that governments, employers of Labour and workers unions must continue to synergize in the overall interest of the polity.