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What SPAC Nation Stands For By Pastor Tobi Adegboyega



The Nation Family is a product of the will of God that has tested and refined men, resulting in an army that will take over and build nations across the world according to divine assignment.

This was revealed by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of the ministry, who spoke during an online service titled Unity.

Pastor Tobi quoted copiously from Psalms 105 and 107 as he delivered a message titled ‘He Sent His Word and healed them’. Preceding the message, the Global Lead Pastor read Psalm 35 and Jeremiah 10, saying that he was divinely instructed to use that as a King’s prayer for every member of The Nation Family and all who keyed into the message.

The Pastor who has been in ministry for fifteen years and who recently clocked 40 years cited the examples of Neonatus and Gideon, both of whom took their men and made exploits. According to him, Neonatus took his 300 men to the gate of death and confronted a king with his life and that of his men while Gideon pruned 30,000 men to just 300 before taking over a kingdom.

“Gideon and Neonatus both were commissioned but Gideon was commissioned by God. That is not to rubbish the commissioning of Neonatus in any way. Gideon subdued the kingdom because he was commissioned by the King of kings. Neonatus was commissioned by a king of men and his feat in itself is inspiring. For Gideon, it was about the elite 300 who were united for the cause. There is something working in you that is bigger than you because you are sent. If you don’t see that thing, it means you are one of the 30,000, not part of the 300.”

PT said Jesus prayed a lot about oneness. According to him, oneness does not mean agreement at all times but it is more about agreeing on one thing that cannot be changed which is the word. He added that God’s salvation plan is His word, which is not talk as is common with many preachers nowadays. He noted that the word became flesh, a reference to Jesus’ earthly life and ministry.

He charged Christians to be ready for everything and anything, no matter how unpalatable, to be thrown at them as they seek to come out well in a bid to overcome the nations and take them over for God.

“Jesus was ultimately tested by the biggest tester, death. Whatever must stand the test of time must be tested by death.

Pastor Tobi also used the life of Joseph as an example. He said Joseph needed to go through the crucible of being sold into slavery and landing in jail. According to him, Joseph received the journey and started a journey that was launched with hatred.

“As long as Joseph was around his father, he would not fulfil his potential because he would have fatherly protection. The approval of man was taken from Joseph and he was given fetters and trials so that he would eventually emerge and be the focal point as the nations were saved from famine. If your dream is not big enough to attract envy, enmity and even bullets from men like Joseph’s dream, it is not big enough. Joseph was the man sent before his family to ultimately save the nation of Israel, and by extension, other nations during famine.”

Charging Christians not two be discouraged by their present circumstances, Pastor Tobi explained that Joseph had no idea that he would be the one to impact the nations a few hours before he was released from jail. This he said would be the portion of The Nationals, as members of The Nation Family (also known as SPAC Nation).

“The whole world came to look for Joseph in Egypt. That exactly is what would happen with The Nation Family. The whole nations would come looking for us.”

Making a major announcement as he brought the message to a close, Pastor Tobi revealed a few changes in the leadership of The Nation Family. He announced that Pastor Sam Akokhia would now become the Assistant Global Lead Pastor while Pastor Dammy Balogun now takes over fully as the Senior Pastor.

Responding to critics who call the Pentecostal movement a cult, PT said they were sad people who were just looking for ways to project their sadness on other people. According to him, many of them have been bullied while growing up so they find it easy hiding behind their gadgets to spew different things.

“The Nation Family is different from a religious organization. We are not about religion, we are about the establishment of The Lord’s mountain according to Isaiah 2:2. Criminal organizations do not operate in the open so referring to The Nation Family as criminals smacks of total ignorance. A Church without economic empowerment and solutions to the problem of people and nation building is not the Church of The Bible. The fact that we are different from what many come to see as Church is why they have continued to attack us.”

He added that The Nation Family children are called to give their parents space in the system where they have previously failed to gain access.

“We are a family. Family makes us richer; family is a safe space to be vulnerable. We will not chase you away because you sinned. We will together get on the journey to repentance and overcoming the grip of sin.”


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