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Great Ife Alumni Congratulates Adesina On His Re-election As AFDB President



The Great Ife Alumni Association has congratulated its member, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) on his re-election for a second term at the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the continental bank.

In a press release signed by its Worldwide President,Engr. Wale Olaleye, the association said, “As a body
of accomplished professionals, technocrats, academics and industry players in various parts of the world, weknow the kind of hard work and vision that informed Adesina’s stellar achievements during his first term in
the five critical areas that have now come to define his contribution to the development of Africa”

The Great Ife Alumni saluted Adesina for his five?point agenda: (i) Feeding Africa (self-sufficiency in food production is the first step in banishing poverty; (ii) Lighting up Africa (industrial development is
impossible without electricity); (iii) Industrialising Africa (the continent cannot continue being a mere
supplier of raw materials and net importer of finished goods); (iv) Integrating Africa (Removing the barriers that fetter intra-African cooperation; (v) Improving
the quality of lives of Africans (thereby increasing productivity and encouraging Africans to stay home
and develop their continent).

The alumni body further noted that, “Adesina’s visionary leadership championed an increase in the
bank’s share capital from $93 billion to $208 billion during his first term. The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Long-Term Issuer Default Rating Bank’s (AfDB) Long-Term Issuer Default Rating
(IDR) was consistently rated AAA with a stable outlook by global credit rating agencies, Fitch and Standard & Poor.”

They expressed confidence that under Adesina’s leadership, the AfDB will continue in its trajectory of
leading development efforts in Africa and helping countries on the continent achieve their highest

“The Great Ife Alumni Association (worldwide) agrees with the African Union and friends of Africa
that one good tenure deserves another. With Adesina at the helm, a more prosperous Africa that will
contribute significantly to global prosperity is feasible”, said the Great Ife Alumni.

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