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Man Kills His 3 Children By Throwing Them In Front Of Speeding Train



File photo: A train track in Egypt

A train track in Egypt: An Egyptian threw his three kids in front of speeding train

A man has killed his three little children, by placing them in front of a speeding train.

The tragedy happened Friday in south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo, security sources said.

The 50-year-old Egyptian, a driver, threw the children on the tracks of the train in the southern province of Malawi and fled, they added.

The children aged, four, six and 8 years, were killed on the spot and their bodies transferred to a hospital morgue.

The train was on a journey from the southern city of Luxor to Cairo, reports Gulf News..

Initial investigations revealed that the man is mentally ill and has been receiving treatment for about a year now. Police later arrested the suspect, who is being interrogated.

In recent years, Egyptian media has reported a series of family killings in the conservative country.

Last week, a farm worker admitted to having killed his mother, wife and three daughters before setting the family house on fire in southern Egypt, to remarry another woman.

Earlier this year, a psychologically ill woman fatally threw her two children from the four-floor balcony of her house north of Cairo before she leaped after them.

The 33-year-old mother died later of injuries at a local hospital. Last year, a criminal court sentenced a medical doctor to death by hanging after he was convicted of killing his wife and three children in the Nile Delta province of Kafr Al Shaikh.

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