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#ENDSARS: TIWANTIWA L’OSUN, Calls For End To Vandalism, Looting In Osun



A leading socio-cultural Group, Tiwa N Tiwa L’Osun has pleaded with protestors not to resort to vandalism of government and private properties as it portends great danger to the economy of Osun.

In a statement issued in Osogbo this morning and made available to the media, the Group expressed worry at the turn of events in the last 24hrs in the state.

“While we sympathise with Nigerians on our collective yearning for better governance, we appeal that we should go about our protests in the most civil way. Public properties are our collective properties. Governments will come and go. Government properties will not go anywhere. Let us not destroy our properties.

JUST AS OUR GENERATION IS QUESTIONING THE ROLES OF OUR PAST AND CURRENT LEADERS, we too will explain the roles we play today to the next generation.

Again, owners of private businesses are also victims of many of years of bad governance just like you. If you destroy their businesses, you will be adding to their agonies. You will also be guilty like the government you fight.

Let us stop the vandalism, PLEASE!!!


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