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Southern Kaduna KILLING: Presidency Statement Is Sad, Shameful – CAN



By Nafisat Arogundade, Osogbo

The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State branch, Reverend Joseph Hayab has termed the Presidency’s comments on insecurity in Southern Kaduna as shameful and sadden.

He said that such a statement should not come from a leader who supposed to protect and care for his citizens.

CityMirrorNews reports that the Presidency, on Tuesday, said that the problem of insecurity in Southern Kaduna is more complicated than many people are willing to admit.

The President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesman, Garba Shehu, described the incident in the region as an evil combination of politically-motivated banditry, revenge killings and mutual violence by criminal gangs acting on ethnic and religious grounds.

The CAN chairman, while featuring on a radio programme, on Thursday addressed the presidency’s statement has unfortunate.

He said, “What is it that is called revenge? so, it is revenge when someone is sleeping in their house and bandit just walked in and kill them, burn their house”

“In this particular incident that brought about this reaction of the Federal Government, what are those people who are holding a wedding ceremony has to do with the bandit that federal government called revenge.

“If Buhari is not ashamed to honour what the Constitution has spelt out for him in term of security, then it is saddening.

“Buhari went ahead to lied that there is enough security in Southern Kaduna, what a shame if we have enough security in the region; and killing has become everyday’s business, people are no longer save.

He further accused the presidency of lying about the claim that the criminal group are killing another criminal group, which according to him is a lie.

“Are those people in the wedding ceremony criminal group that another criminal group come to kill.

He explained that “Some week ago, people in the community called on the government that there is a strange people walking around their community but the commissioner that represents government said the information given is false because they went round and they didn’t see any bandit around there. He said.


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