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2023: Wooing Jonathan To Contest Under APC Is Insult On Nigerians, Act Of Irresponsibility, Says Adeboye Adebayo



Comrade Adeboye Adebayo

A Former Chairmanship Aspirant in Orile Agege Local Council Development Area of Lagos; Comrade Adeboye Adebayo has condemned the romance of former President Goodluck Jonathan by some elements of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC ahead of 2023 Presidential Election.

Adebayo said such romance is shameful, selfish, an insult on Nigerians and act of irresponsibility.

In a statement he personally signed and released to newsmen in Lagos Sunday morning, Adebayo described the moves as a great insult on Nigerian electorates who through critical thinking dumped Jonathan and PDP for Buhari and APC at 2015 poll, adding that such act is irresponsible on the side of those flying the satanic kite.

“We have been hearing the rumour for sometimes and we thought it will remain a rumour But the news platforms were yesterday a washed with reports and pictures of some APC elements visiting, romancing and trying to woo Former President Goodluck Jonathan into APC to contest Presidential election through the back door in 2023 because it is Crystal clear that power must shift to the South and they think there are no capable hands currently in the APC that can lead APC to victory at the poll or that can take Nigeria to more greater heights after Buhari, it is very wrong” Adebayo noted.

According to Adeboye Adebayo “This is Goodluck Jonathan; a man that was overwhelmingly voted against in 2015 because of corruption, bad governance, highhandedness, high rate of Insecurities, Worst Economy and lack of Intellectual capacity to drive the country positively.

“We including those wooing him now, engaged in vigorous campaign and let Nigerians saw reasons why Jonathan and his party PDP should be voted out before they ruin the country, We; including those wooing him now, worked assiduously to bring Buhari & APC on board for some level of sanity in the governance of the Nation and Nigerian electorates agreed and believed us, they voted massively against Jonathan and voted Buhari & APC. It is highly ironical that some same elements that worked for Jonathan’s removal for bad governance are the same elements wooing him to come back again through the backdoor, please what has changed in Jonathan that will make Nigerians accept him again” Adebayo queried.

Adebayo also noted “ Do not get it twisted, it is not about Tinubu or any Presidential interest, rather a bad intention to insult Nigerians and take them for fools, knowing fully well that not quite long ago in 2015, Jonathan was rejected totally at the poll for bad governance, mismanagement of national resources, corruption of highest order, worst insecurity in the land and many more and the same Jonathan is being wooed by the some of the same elements that exposed him as a bad leader to rule again, it is an act of irresponsibility and Nigerians will not take it” Adebayo wrote.

The social and human right crusader then urged those performing the script to desist from acting it because it is shameful, degrading and very irresponsible.

“I am now using this medium to call those APC elements that are performing the bad scripts to stop acting it because it is an act of irresponsibility, very shameful and indeed a dent on the image of our great party, APC and Nigerian electorates will not take it lightly.” He said.

Adebayo then urged the Former President Goodluck Jonathan not to fall for that deceitful act because it will be too costly for him.

“I am also using this medium to join the South East Caucus of the APC to advise former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan not to fall for the deceitful game and antics of those wooing him because it is dangerous, shameful, selfish and very irresponsible and it may mark the end of his political relevance around the World” Adebayo concluded in his statement.

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