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Plateau Youths Back Embattled Chairman, Fabong, Calls on CWC to Discipline Erring Executive Members



By Our Reporter

Several groups and Youths in Plateau state have been drumming support for the embattled Chairman of Plateau Youth Council, PYC, Dr Fabong Jemchang Yildam, and have called for immediate disciplinary
action on the unconstitutional
actions of some members of the executive who recently passed a vote of no confidence on Fabong.

Andrew Ajang, a Youth in Plateau state who spoke on the Youth Council crisis described Fabong as a detribalised Nigerian, who prioritises merit and competence over other primordial considerations.

He said Fabong is loved by youths of the state and called on the people of the state to dismiss those who passed vote of no confidence on him .

He described the allegations that led to a “vote of no confidence” on Fabong as baseless and lacking in substance and logical reasoning.

“Fabong is one of the best things that has happen to Plateau Youth council, he added .

Irimiya Titus, another youth from Bassa local government said he was comfortable with the leadership style of Dr Fabong, “he is a leader who carries all youths of Plateau along. He has done well in transforming the youth council in Plateau, he added.

Similarly, a group, Network of enlightened comrades (NEC), Plateau state chapter on Sunday said the Plateau Youth Council, PYC under the leadership of Dr Jemchang Fabong is focused and united .

Noro Solomon Badung, the P.R.O of the group in a statement made available to newsmen in Jos said that there was no right way of doing wrong neither a wrong way to achieving right.

The statement read:
“As a guided and a decorous group of informed, healthy and knowledgeable brains, one should expect that results and impacts would ought to be examined in every decision making stage before any subsequent implementations but the case of the aggrieved PYC Exco against the CHAIRMAN simply confirms that some people would rather jettison rational reasoning just to satisfy their demented egomania even if it’s capable of hurting everyone.”

“We asked ourselves this; They kept mute all this while; they benefitted from slots of Government employments and skills acquisitions, hampers, flight tickets abroad and domestic, allowances e.t.c.

“Why realising the Chairman’s alledged sins just now that it’s only few days counting down to handing over?

“We have rumors on strong grounds that the vice Chairman (Leader of the aggrieved Exco) has been lobbying through some CWC members to be the forthcoming ELCOM CHAIRMAN but DOCTOR FABONG isn’t aboard with that hence, the fall apart.

So, could that be a reason good enough for the lash out and character assault on the CHAIRMAN?What section of the constitution empowers a simple or total majority of the Exco to pass a vote of no confidence on any Executive member of the Exco without approaching the CWC?

NOTE;Article 8 (d) of the Constitution Says;

The Exco or any officer found wanting shall be ASKED to resign his office. ‘ONLY’ THE CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE may PASS A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on the person.

Thus, one can simply conclude form the aforestated section of the Constitution that the decision of vote of no confidence by the aggrieved Exco on the Chairman is not just laughable and unconstitutional but ridiculous, unintelligent and slanderous, one which is tantamount to generating a defamatory litigation against them but God forbid.

So what if the allegations are True or false?

How can you accuse someone of abusing powers when your own actions aren’t in compliance with the rules of the game?

Just so you know, DONALD TRUMP in the US is currently faced with impeachment trial not because he has alledged wrongly or not about JOE BIDEN but the legislators are standing on the grounds of non compliance to Constitution and that is a serious offense in any democratic system of Governance.

Consequent upon all that has been said and done, we’re deeply convinced beyond all empirical skepticism that the decision by these aggrieved Executives are only in pursuance of their personal interest and nothing concerning the general good.

The precipitate move to slander the CHAIRMAN on social media and other channels without going through the necessary channels connotes nothing but malevolence and a great desire to hurt; an act we vehemently condemn and call for imediate disciplary actions upon by the CWC.

We call for the Immediate suspension of the Vice Chairman and his gang members; that will serve as deterrent to all those who would seek to follow same path in the future.

Lawlessness and malicious acts must be eschewed from the council no matter whose ox is gored.

We wish to encourage the Chairman to remain steadfast and unwavering in all activities of the council and ensure that he works closely with the available reasonable Executives, CWC, Larger House Veterans and General stakeholders in ensuring that the transition process is not truncated by self-seeking members of the council.

We finally wish to appreciate Governor SBL, the Youth friendly Governor for relentlessly standing by his Words on supporting the activities of PYC and for finding the Chairman worthy of a bigger assignment in the State as the Director General of PLASCHEMA, we are confident that the Chairman will deliver above board as always.

It could be recalled that Dr Fabong had said that t he said letter passing a vote of no confidence in the Chairman of the Youth Council begs so many questions as to the motive, intent and spirit behind these malicious machinations.

Adressing newsmen in Jos at the weekend, he said It is lacking in substance and logical coherence. It’s simply a ploy of desperate, anxious and ignorants who will stop at nothing but create a disquiet in the youth constituency, and scuttle a peaceful transition.

The Chairman of the Council wishes to state unequivocally that the claims in the letter are spurious, malicious, lacking in substance and disjointed. It’s an attempt at character defamation, humidly concocted. To the extend of subverting our supreme document, the Constitution of the Plateau State Youth Council was misquoted by supposed custodians of same, and this is appalling. The Chairman swore an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and to the best of my ability, I have not flaunted same in any way. In the first instance, any complaints should first go to the Central Working Committee, from where any officer who violates the Constitution shall be summoned. The said communication dated 26th August 2018 is not known to the Chairman. A petition or whatever letter of complaints should be copied to the Chairman, which was not and as such, I take that as a cheap blackmail and mere market place gossips.

The allegations that bother on the abuse of Office through highhandedness and public misconduct that has brought the Council to ridicule summarizes the agenda of this group. If this is true and for two years and eight months (barely three months to the end of our tenure as Executives), and this was never reported or brought to the attention of the Central Working Committee who are primarily saddled with the responsibility of setting up a disciplinary committee to look into same for reasons best known to them.

Firstly, on finances, let me clear the air by stating that the Plateau State Youth Council does not have any allocation or subvention to run. It’s simply a pressure group with the sole intent of liberating the teaming youths on the Plateau. The claim of non-adherence to the Councils Constitution by taking unilateral decisions without the EXCO members present is baseless. There is nothing of evidence to prove same. I challenge them to present the evidence. . There is no decision taken anywhere without the approval of the EXCO. .

Furthermore, the baseless claim of financial recklessness and use of Councils funds without any regard to the Constitutional provisions turns logic on its head. The limits of spending for the Office of the Chairman according to constitutional provision Article IX Proviso 4 is One Naira (N 1. 00) to Fifty thousand Naira (N 50, 000. 00) only. The spending limits for the EXCO is N 50, 000. 00 – N100, 000. 00 only. The Central Working Committee shall approve all expenditures from N 100, 000. 00 and above. In this regard, I have all approvals from EXCO and the CWC for expenditures above the spending limits of my Office .

Same was presented to the General Assembly on the 29th August 2018 and it was accepted, which also is unprecedented. The reports are still with the Audit Committee set by the General Assembly which is the highest decision-making body of the Council. The Youth Council has an account with a commercial bank in Jos, accepted and approved by the EXCO. Proviso 3 of Article IX of the Constitution stated clearly “as may be” approved by the Central Working Committee, which is not mandatory. Even at that, the EXCO got the approval from the CWC.

In addition to direct collection of money and other items on behalf of the Council without proper accountability to the EXCO, dishonesty in disclosing information on opportunities, slots, and items given to the Council and employing personal aides to run the Council is a concoction shrouded in falsehood. First, let it be known that the Financial Secretary of the Council is not a resident of Jos. In the EXCO meeting dated 03/08/2017, after series of absenteeism by the Financial Secretary, he appealed to the Chairman and Treasurer to accept monies in his place on behalf of the Council since he is far and can’t make it to Jos as may be required. The EXCO ratified same and the Treasurer has been saddled with the responsibility of collecting money on behalf of the Council. The Financial Secretary has all the receipts and payment vouchers of the Council in his possession. A better question would be, how has he administered the Office. Again, the Chairman and the EXCO would need further clarification from the Financial Secretary when he performed the Holy Pilgrimage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as given to him by the EXCO and when he returned to Nigeria.

All decisions on allocation of opportunities, slots and items given to the Council was taken at EXCO meetings. See attached minutes and attendance as evidence. The last EXCO meeting held on the 23rd December 2019. It was an expanded EXCO meeting with principal officer of the CWC to make decisions on the sharing of Christmas package. See attached signatures and quantity of items signed against it. A communication was sent and was duly acknowledged by these same EXCO on the 14/01/2020 for a meeting by 3pm on 15/01/2020, only to be ambushed by an embarrassing letter of vote of no confidence, and none of them was in attendance. On the allegation that the Chairman failed to summon an EXCO meeting for the period of six (6) months is even more confusing. Even at that, Article IX Proviso 5b stated that Emergency meetings of the EXCO shall be convened at the directive of the Chairman or at the request of a simple majority of the EXCO. The Chairman will be right to also state that the so-called majority failed in its responsibility as well, as another conspiracy to create confusion.

This conspiracy to embarrass the Plateau State Youth Council and disrupt peaceful transition is height of desperation and an assault on democracy. The breach of due process begs the question of intention and spirit behind this move. I believe the Central Working Committee will clear the air on this. Could this also mean a vote of no confidence on the other EXCO members who were not invited? How many times have they reported the Chairman to the CWC? Are there evidences to their claims? If they can summon an EXCO meeting, how comes they did not call one in six (6) months?

It’s a shame that the Secretary of the Youth Council cannot write a memo, take minutes or write reports. To the dismay of the EXCO at a certain time, she forged a letterhead in connivance with the Public Relations Officer and wrote a mail to the Office of the Governor through the Chief of Staff, Government House in September of 2017. It was the decision of the EXCO to suspend the Secretary and withhold any document of the Council from the duo, since they have exhibited a lack of oath of secrecy of office, which contravenes the Constitutional provision of the Council. It’s unfortunate that till date, minutes are taken by other EXCO members as directed by the Chairman during EXCO meetings.

Thus, Deputy Chairman has in the pasts represented the Chairman in Meetings within and outside the State. He has represented the Council in Kogi, Abuja, Jalingo as evidenced by the communication attached. In his quest for power, he meddled himself in activities that brought shame upon himself and his associates. The Chairman has never seen a more power drunk fellow, whom have forgotten that even if the Chairman were impeached, only a bye election can fill the vacant seat. If the Chairman had singlehandedly managed slots, the CWC may wish to ask the Deputy Chairman, how he secured a job with the ITF, and also went on Holy Pilgrimage in Israel in 2017. If the Deputy Chairman claimed he was never given a task, who then is the Chairman of the Plateau Youth Council Development and Investment Team? Who registered the Plateau State Central Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society? Who represented the Council at the Committee set by the All Farmers Association of Nigeria? In what capacity did he read a doctored press release at an international press conference of the Council on June 26th, 2018? How did he lead youths to various programmes within the State?

Let it be known also that in most instances, Zonal Coordinators represents the Chairman at functions when the Chairman is occupied. The claim of using family and friends is even more embarrassing. The Chairman challenge them to bring evidence before the CWC in that regard, or better explain how they misuse slots meant for youths in their constituency on family members. The case of fertilizers allocated to the Youth Council is laughable. If they have any evidence to that effect, let them bring same before the CWC. They should quote where in the Constitution of the Council that forbids the Chairman from having personal aides. The Chairman don’t pay his aides from the Council’s purse, and since the Secretary and PRO had demonstrated gross incompetence, it will only be right for the Chairman to allow his aides who are also members of the Youth Council to assist where necessary. The CWC may wish to also ask the Auditor of the Council for his books. If he claimed also that the Chairman had held the documents and communications, where is the acknowledged copy of his request for any document? Has he too reported to the CWC of his predicament? The Auditor may also wish to tell the Youth of Plateau State how he made it to Israel on Holy Pilgrimage in 2017, since the Chairman will manage slots given to the Council alone. The Auditor may also wish to tell the CWC what brought him to my office last week. The Assistant Secretary has also been conspicuously absent since he took the job of managing Plateau United Football Team as a nurse in late 2017. The Director of Socials has been consistent and also took minutes of several meetings and was made a Committee member in most instances as evidence by the attached minutes and attendance.

The Chairman and other EXCO members were dismayed at this most unfortunate display of lack of patriotism and desperation. That this had been ongoing for almost three (3) years unchallenged simply shows a display of irresponsibility and nonchalance. And that the Chairman of the Council had held eight (8) other members of the EXCO to ransom is unbelievable. And that merely three (3) months to the General Elections is when these conspirators are making these baseless accusations is worrisome. For how many pieces of silver did they abdicate on their responsibilities? The Chairman can’t help, but feel for this illogical presentation by members of EXCO, who instead of making known their grievances at a meeting, have taken to the streets to wash their dirty linens. Agreed the Chairman of the Council had done everything possible to discourage cooperate begging and attempts to disrupt the peace in the State for material gains, seems to be the motive fueling this agenda.

Article XIV of the Constitution has nothing to do with a passage of vote of no confidence on any officer of the Council. In facts it highlights offences and what constitute misdemeanor by any officer of the Council. It further states the range of punishment depending on the gravity of a matter. Only the Central Working Committee of the Council has the powers to pass a vote of no confidence on any officer and have him removed from officer subject to a failure to overturn same in an appeal at the General Assembly see Article VIII Proviso (a) – (g).

The height of their confusion is appreciating God for the opportunity to experience the kind leadership of the Chairman, and also pledging their cooperation in the future. Exudes a coalescence of contrarieties. Under the present administration, the Youth Council has grown beyond our local borders. We have facilitated the training of more than thirteen thousand youths across the 17 Local Government Areas in various trades, we have created small and medium enterprises, organized high power workshops and seminars, created a website and built a youth data bank, organize a General Assembly which is first in 16 years, organized mentorship programmes for youths, kept a peaceful milieu and have encouraged responsible citizenship through fighting of substance abuse amongst others. A chronicle of our achievements will be read out to the public at the due date and venue.


The Chairman of the Council demands that;

1. The members of EXCO who signed and circulated that unfortunate letter of blackmail capable of tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of the Chairman be summoned to explain to the CWC why they violated the Constitution by by-passing the CWC and pronouncing judgement on an Official of the Council without trial.

2. They explain why they quoted the Constitution wrongly thereby misleading the unassuming Youths and the general public, which is a recipe for disquiet, given that this can also stir tensions in the State.

3. The said letter is libelous and subversive which constitute an offence as written in the Constitution Article XIV Proviso 2(a) and 2(e), and that same be retracted within 24 hours, failure of which the Chairman shall seek legal redress.

4. Only the Central Working Committee shall take appropriate disciplinary action against any member of the Council found wanting Article V Proviso 3b(v) subject to a failure at an appeal at the General Assembly.

5. These EXCO members be met to face a disciplinary action and possibly sanctioned in accordance with the provision of the Constitution.

6. The Chairman shall seek redress in the courts if no action is taken against these disgruntled elements within 24 hours, and if no public apology is made as they lack the locus standi to pass a vote of no confidence on me.

At this juncture, the Chairman of the Youth Council wishes to call on all the Youths on the Plateau to remain calm as this is also the antics to distract us from a peaceful transition. These jobless miscreants should be ignored by all means possibly. We should not be willing tolls in the hands of desperate citizens as demonstrated by these hoodlums, and allow the CWC to do its work.

The Chairman also wishes to call on the leadership of the LARGER HOUSE to look into this matter and help guide the teaming youths on the Plateau towards a peaceful transition as they have always done.

In another devwlopment another group operating under the platform of Forum of Past Progressive Students Activist has rejected the petition against the Plateau Youth Council PYC Chairman .

This was contained in a statement signed by Blessed Kirnaan the PUBLICITY SECRETARY Of the group and made available to newsmen in Jos .

The statement read:
“It would have been best not to glorify such shenanigans with a response lest the perpetrators glory in their dumbness but the Holy book in Proverbs 26:5 says;

“Hesitate not to reply a simpleton according to his foolishness, or he will think himself to be wise.”

Irked by the aforementioned, we deem it achingly pertinent to register our discontent over such deleterious and preposterous behavior by this gang of rebel executives.

We’re not oblivious of the naive subterfuge by some propagandists and enemies of Plateau Youths to disrupt the forth coming Elections simply because they fear that their usual narcissistic interests wouldn’t be protected in the elections hence, their resolve in using some credulous and gullible members of the State Exco to champion their hidden agenda. WOE UNTO YOU!

Out of desperation, lack of wisdom and share wickedness, these desperados could not even accord the constitution it’s due respect, they fled to the cyberspace and radio houses to announce what was supposed to if in any case credible be discussed on the floor of the CWC, indeed this act of indiscipline must be condemned and treated with seriousness lest the younger generation pride in calumny and maliciousness, jettisoning rules and due process.

Remember, we’re not a lawless and stupid people.

We hereby call on the Speaker and his members to expeditiously act in accordance to the constitution and set a good precedence against such madness.

We’re aware that this people only care for themselves and have never in anyway questioned the Chairman for anything that concerns public good except their own personal aggrandizement.

Hence, we again put to them as a challenge that if not for hypocrisy and fear of Justice, they should petition the Chairman through the CWC on what he was supposed to had done for the generality of Plateau Youths that he has not done rather than hiding under the pretence of some clear vindictive falsehood just to settle personal scores through evil means.

For an organization that has been comatose for close to a decade to be on such a STERLING performance under just a short period of recuperatinon, one should expect nothing but decorum, support and high gratitude to the leadership.

Consequent upon THIS, we wish to unequivocally pass a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE on the PYC CHAIRMAN, DOCTOR JEMCHANG FABONG for restoring back the integrity and lost glory of the Youths and to the Larger House veterans under the leadership of CHIEF MAQUAL GEORGE KUBA for their premium advisory roles thus far.

We equally wish to appreciate the Rescue Government for their relentless supports and trust on the PYC leadership through sponsorship of programs, skills development and empowerment projects.

We wish to emphatically state without mincing words or fear of arbitration most especially to those seeking for Election in to the Chairman’s office to NOTE THIS; PYC is not a GBEMING organization for AWARD GIVERS.

If you Know that your foot size is not same or finer than DOCTOR JEMCHANG’S, please BACK OFF!

Finally, we wish to salute the courage and wisdom of all those who saw the senselessness in the hogwash petition against the PYC Chairman and call upon all relevant stakeholders to join hands with the leadership as we all prepare towards another Elections and Transition.

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