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Four Years After: Soji Awotayo Remembers His Late Father, Says Elder Tolani Awotayo Was A Linguist And Interpreter Evangelist



According to Comrade Soji Awotayo in Osogbo, Osun State capital, ELDER TOLANI AWOTAYO, his late father was a linguist and interpreter Evangelist.

The Statement read: Today mark exactly four years after the demise of my beloved father Elder Joseph Atolani Awotayo who departed this sinful world at the age of 73 on 19th may 2016. (1943- 2016) Baba was an Elder of the seventh day adventist church with Ellen G Whites teachings and believes.

Elder Tolani Awotayo was discovered,tutored and baptized into the faith by pastor of seventh day Adventist church Dr Durand Johnson from state of Michigan USA who was a missionary in Nigeria then.After the conversion, through the help of God, he reclaimed back the school education advantage he lost in 1962 due to some domestic issue,when he gained admission to the prestigious University of ife.Where he bagged BA and MA in linguistic.

Elder Tolani Awotayo lived an exemplary and fufilled life in christ.He participated in church building,church planting and development of youth in the way of salvation.

The faith in God you exhibited inspires us to look back at your struggle, battle,courage, humility,sacrifice and service to humanity. No wonder, in your last sermon to the church you told us that been an Adventist was a calling and the price is till very high.Indeed the price is high.

Well, we know all things work together for good for them who love God and for them that are called according to his purpose (Roman 8:28), this made us to believes that you have settled your debt in the account of history.

The admonisions, preachings, strong faith and love you showed indicated that you left everything in the hand of God for us to win.What a great father.

The body of christ in the West Nigeria Conference of Seventh day Adventist Church, Osun Conference of the Seventh day Adventist Church, University of ife,now (OAU),Former MAMSER now National Orientation agency (NOA) and your community Ora igbomina testifed to it that Elder Tolani Awotayo was an interpreter evangelist and lingustic revival crusader.

Elder Tolani Awotayo used his prowess in English and oratory power of yoruba language to Evangelised with Many seventh day Adventist Pastors and Preachers in various Evangelism and Crusades during his life time.

Elder Tolani Awotayo also interpreted Sermons and preachings for great men of God such as Pastor Dr Durand Johnson, Pastor Dr Negel, Pastor Dr Babalola, Pastor Solademi ,Pastor Alade and many other men of God of his time.

Wife, the Children,Church members and people of Ora igbomina remember you today.The donations of your philosophical, and Educational books you published to libraries and schools for development of African language is part of your endurance legacy.Continue to sleep till will meet to part no more.We keep the solace in Christ that we shall meet again when the trumpet shall sound.

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