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Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems Can Only Be Found Through Traditional Means, Ifa Priest Tell Govts



Chief Ifalere Odegbemi Odegbola II, the Araba Olu Isese of Ibadanland

By Ayobami Agboola, Osogbo

An Ifa Priest, Chief Ifalere Odegbemi Odegbola II, the Araba Olu Isese of Ibadanland has called on governments at all levels to seek traditional ways of containing the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Chief Odegbemi, traditionalists are capable of finding solutions to end the global health crisis if government partners with them.

He noted that the neglect of tradition by those in authorities have continued to hinder the growth and development of the society.

The Araba Olu Isese of Ibadanland stated this while exchanging views with CityMirrorNews correspondent at the tenth anniversary of Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon as the Araba of Osogbo.

The priest expressed optimism that regular consultations with the Oracle will provide wayout of the myriad of challenges facing the country.

“Ifa is a direct divination from the Olodumare which he sent to us through Orunmila, his first prophet to lay the principles and doctrines of living a good life for the people in line with what he wants.

“Ifa teaches us how to behave and be good to all manner of men and the things he abhors. There is nothing that the Ifa corpus does not talk about or address.

“Ifa has key roles to play in the administration of the society. In the olden days, the principles and doctrines of Ifa was the thing used. If there was dearth of rains, prolonged dry season, the selection of kings and other things done in the society, recourse was made to Ifa.

“When they were doing it the way it was supposed to be done, there was no problem. Cases of epidemic did not just start the world over. What was always done then is that they will consult Ifa, a solution will be proffered and acted on immediately. But nowadays, government has neglected tradition and Ifa and that is what is causing all these problems.

“We had a divination on the root cause of Coronavirus at Oke-Itase, Ile-Ife with the Araba Agbaye. Ifa said it was spiritual which needed sacrifice and it will be gone. But, the government has continued to neglect the traditionalists. All what we have been doing is from our purse.

“Government should stop neglecting us. They should remember tradition. This will enable them provide lasting solutions to varying problems. If we embrace tradition, the quality of live will improve which will ensure peace and progress of our society.”

In his entourage are ; Chief Moriyeba Gbogunribe, Otun Iyanifa of Ibadan land,
Chief Aderemi Oladejo OntoAwo of Ibadanland, Chief Olarinde Ademola, Apesin Awo of Ibadanland, Chief Ifakemi Ifarinola, Iya Nifa of Ibadanland, Chief Ifafore Bosun, kawoleyin of Ibadanland Chief Ifayemi Ayoade Ojugbona Araba of Ibadanland, Chief Awoniyi Oyekunle and the Queens of Araba Oluesese of Ibadan land

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