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Plateau State Youth Council Passes Vote of No Confidence on Chairman, Fabong Yildam



By Our Reporter

The Plateau State Youth Council has passed a vote of no confidence on its Chairman, Dr Fabong Yildam for various alledged offences including misappropriation of funds, abuse of office, and high handedness among others.

The Council made the allegations during a press conference held in Jos, the Plateau state capital.

The statement read:

“You will recall that on 22nd May 2017, you affirm under Oath to discharge your duties as the Chairman, Plateau State Youth Council to the best of your ability, faithfully and in accordance with the Constitution of the Plateau State Youth council and the law, and to always act in the interest of sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well-being and prosperity of Plateau Youth Council; and that you will not allow your personal interest to influence your official conduct or decision.

“Having observed a total deviation from your affirmation, you will recall our memo dated 26th August 2018 titled Complaint Letter, addressed to the Hon. Commissioner of Youths and Sport Development Plateau State and copied to the CWC Plateau Youth Council in which we raised concerns about the way and manner you run the Council, highlighting our concerns bordering on”
“Abuse of office by the Chairman through high handedness and Public misconduct which has brought the Council to ridicule.”
“None adherence to the Councils Constitution by taking unilateral decisions without the Exco members consent,Financial recklessness and use of the Councils fund without any regards to Article IX (3) of the PYC Constitution.”

They alledged that the chairman directly collected money and other items on behalf of the Council without proper accountability to the Exco.

Fabong was also accused of dishonesty and non-disclosure of information on opportunities, Slots and Items given to the Council and
employing personal aides to run the Council thereby making exco members mere spectators.

“You will recall that at the end of our memo, we appealed to the Hon Commissioner to caution you, believing that you will redress your steps knowing fully that your actions contravene the provisions of Article II, and XIII of the Standing Order (a) thereby committing an offence punishable under ARTICLE XIV (a) and (b) of the PYC Constitution.”

“Having observed with dismay your refusal to redress your steps on the issues raised and after series of deliberations, we the undersigned Exco members (see page 4) on this day 15th January 2020 present this four paged document with our resolve as follows”

“That you have failed to summon an Exco meeting for the period of six(6) months against the provision of Article (IX) (Appendix 5a) of the PYC Constitution,that you have exhibit in carrying out your duties, given false information regarding allocations both in cash and items on behalf of the Plateau State Youth Council ,such as Fertilizer allocation to the Youths (two Trucks) which was lost on transit from Government House to Azi Nyako Youth Centre, Christmas bonuses, pilgrimage slots, employment opportunities and other financial collection form Government and Public spirited individuals Thus, bridging the provision of Article XIV (B) of the Constitution.”

“That you have continued to personalize the Youth Council to the Point that Exco members have no idea about what is going on, thus, holding on to all documents, correspondents and properties of the Council against Article (XIII) (Standing Order A).”

“That you have represent the Council in activities and Programmes with family and friends and have sent your personal aids to represent the Council in places where you are not available to attend thereby withholding critical information that the exco need for proper decision making”.

“That you have continued to exhibit harassment of Youths who raises observations on your excesses,
and continue to use the Plateau State Youth Council to pursue your personal interest rather showing concern and commitment to the unity and progress of Plateau Youths bringing the reputation of the Council to public ridicule.
lnview of the above, listed accusation we are under oath to protect the Constitution and integrity of the Youth Council, we therefore invoke Article (3) of the constitution, you cease to be the Chairman Plateau Youth Council.”
This is necessary because the Youth Council under your watch has rather than unite Plateau State, causes division among the Youths.

“We are hereby demand that you hand over all properties and documents of the Council in your possession to the CWC with immediate effect for further communication to the Exco in order to enable us salvage the image of the council, maintain the values handed over to us by our predecessors and defend the Council as the Brain Child of Plateau Patriots and for smooth transition to our younger ones.”

The statement was signed by the Vuce President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Director Social, Public Relations Officer and Zonal Coordunator among others.

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