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SPAC Nation London Has Confidence In God, Judiciary, Police



A London based Pentecostal Church, reputed to be the fastest growing Pentecostal church in the UK, SPAC Nation which was wrongly criticised by a Parliamentarian in the United Kingdom, MP Steve Reed and some former Church attendees, has declared that it had trust in God and confidence in the UK judiciary and its police.

The London Met Police during the week, declared that SPAC Nation, from its discreet investigations has no criminal record against it as alleged by some critics who included a top politician.

The Police said “the Met held a review into allegations of fraud and other offences against people associated with SPAC Nation, but has found no criminal action”

However, two separate claims of fraud against individuals are being investigated with one man arrested.

The Lead Pastor of the Church, Tobi Adegboyega known for his fiery preaching and speaking truth to power, on face book said that the Church and its management including its genuine members have been vindicated adding “truth will always prevail”

He also accused Mr. Reed of discrediting the church in collaboration with some former attendees who were under discipline for some misdeeds.

The Pastor said that he has the belief that the UK judiciary and law enforcement agents in London would continue to do their “good work
right and as a Church, we stand for what is right”

However, Mr Reed described the London Mets decision not to launch a criminal inquiry as perverse adding
“I have forwarded a couple more allegations, I will check what Police have done”

Early in the week, both British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and
Huff Post headlined their stories “SPAC Nation: Police will Not Open Criminal inquiry into allegations”

The media credited the source of their story to London Metropolitan Police and the publications elicited commendation from the management of the Pentecostal Church.

Rev. Dapo Adegboyega, Chairman Board of Trustees of the Church in a statement while appreciating the media for their reportage which, he said, demonstrated professionalism, called for discreet investigation on stories earmarked for publication or broadcasting in future.

He said “thank you for having the decency and courtesy to update your esteemed readers on this matter. Our response remains the same from the beginning.

“It is in the society’s interest that publications are well researched and investigated before maligning a reputable organisation. Listening to a couple of disgruntled individuals over thousands of people cannot be fair”

“While we get better at helping the society, we will keep looking out for any individual who may want to tarnish the image of the Church. We will be uncompromisingly steadfast in our prayers not to be distracted in our focus to better the lot of the downtrodden and the vulnerable in our society.

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