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Valentine Day: Share Love Not HIV



The Executive Secretary Osun State Agency for the control of AIDS, (OSACA) Dr. Monsur BELLO wants Osun residents, especially young people, to take advantage of the spirit of love and togetherness that Valentine’s Day signifies, to know their HIV status.

It is important that all Nigerians know their HIV status, as it marks the entry point to Prevention, Treatment and Care of HIV/AIDS among the people.

This was contained in the statement issued by Dr. Bello, for Valentine’s celebration he stated further that ‘’A young person not tested may not have the opportunity to enjoy future Valentine’s Days if he or she is diagnosed late or presents with terminal complications related to HIV infection and AIDS.”

This period is particularly noted for young people expressing their love for one another.

This could lead to impulsive decisions such as unprotected sex resulting in unplanned pregnancies and an increased risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

The Executive Secretary of Osun SACA urges Nigerians, especially the youths in Osun State, to express love within the context of caring deeply for their loved ones and avoid risky behavior that will make them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

Dr. Bello implored all the people in Osun to visit O-SACA office in Osogbo for free Condom distribution and HIV test on the day of Valentine.

opeyemi BELLO
Press officer,

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