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Osun Lawmaker Blasts Fasola Over Outburst Against Nollywood



More knocks came the way of the Minister for works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola over his recent outburst against Nollywood.

Reacting to the minister’s comment which has spark public outrage, Senator Francis Fadahunsi on Monday declared that he was surprised but very disappointed that a man of Fashola’ exposure and education could also join in the “unintelligent blame games” of movie producers in a desperate bid to play down the level of vices and uproar under the current administration.

Fadahunsi made his displeasure on the gaffe of the minister known through a press statement by his Media Adviser, Sam Segun-Progress in Osogbo, Osun State.

He pointed out, “I am disappointed with Fashola’s allegations on the Nollywood. Why has Americans not taking to terrorism and robberies like we see in their movies? Why are these people like this? Why blaming hardworking and thoughtful Nigerians for governments’ failure?”

Senator Fadahunsi also noted, “the Nollywood is one of the fastest growing industries that is employing scores of the youths the government has failed to engage. It is unwise to castigate the producers. They should be praised and encouraged for opening the eyes of the masses to reality and educating people through their stories.”

Fadahunsi asked the Minister to tell Nigerians how he is helping the unemployed youths and what investment he has interest in that is alleviating poverty.

“Let the honourable Minister tell Nigerians how many youths he has engaged since he came into office. Let him tell us how is using the wealth he has accumulated to create jobs or empowered people.”

Fadahunsi alleged the government of creating more unemployment by implementing policies that are inimical to economic growth and unfriendly to investors.

“As a retired Customs officer, I know that the law allows you to bring a bag of rice and other little things. Those boys bringing in cars and the artisans who work across the borders have been thrown into labour markets by reason of the closure of the boarders.”

He told the minister to concentrate on improving the lives of Nigerians by investing his money into the Nollywood and other dignifying ventures that can make Nigerian youths stay off crime.

“The Nollywood has employed scores of our youths and its growing and even marketing the Nation than the impression we the politicians have given the country. How the failure of our security is now the responsibility of actors beats imagination.”

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