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Success Digest: See Beyond What You Can See By Abimbola Abatta



Blessed are those who have inner eyes, for they shall see beyond what the naked eyes dare not see.

We talk about self-discovery all the time, but many people can’t wrap their heads around this seemingly huge concept. First of all, the path to self-discovery stems from self-knowledge. The dictionary defines knowledge as “Intellectual understanding; the state of appreciating truth or information.”

To discover yourself you must see beyond your physical attributes. You must have an intellectual understanding—mental realisation—of certain truths about you. You must be alive to your own realities. Those who have self-knowledge are aware of their capabilities. They know who they are. They are convinced that what constitutes their uniqueness is beyond legs and head. They are who they are because of their inner workings.

It takes a mental shift to see the stuff you are made of. We don’t know how powerful we are, and it’s sad. God made us in His own image, and as such, we are mini-gods. It irks me to see people acting as slaves when they have the capacity of kings. They belittle their worth through their utterances.

I dare you today. I dare you to embark on the journey of self-discovery. I dare you to open your inner eyes and behold the untapped resources deposited in you. I dare you to conquer the mediocre mentality that is constantly persecuting you. I dare you to look beyond the scope of your reasoning to behold the length of your abilities.

I dare you to wake up rejuvenated because you are aware of what is in you. I dare you to say no to naysayers who may try to sway you from the path of self-discovery. I dare you to see beyond what you can see and catch a glimpse of the glory that awaits you. I dare you to embrace positivity on this vital journey.

Without self-discovery, you will be aimless in life. You can move beyond a life of servitude if you want to. The fact that no one in your generation has made it does not mean you can’t. You can break the jinx. The choice lies in your hands. Let these words push you out of your shell today. Stop hiding in the shadows. The world awaits your manifestation.

Once you discover yourself, you will cease to be lost. You will find yourself in the heart of purpose, and you will begin to see beyond what you used to see. Unlock your inner eyes today, and you will be amazed at the land of potentials in you.

©Abimbola F. Abatta

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