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Amalgamation Of 1914 The Major Cause Of Nigeria Problem–OPCI



President Oodua Progressive Care Initiative (OPCI), Dr Maruff Olanrewaju

The President Oodua Progressive Care Initiative OPCI, Dr Maruff Olanrewaju yesterday posited that the problem of this Country was basically caused by Amalgamation of Northern and southern protectorate in 1914 by Colonial Masters.

Speaking at a security stakeholders meeting in Ile-ife, the President revealed that the Colonial Masters gave the Country what she can’t manage.

He pointed out that the Colonial Masters decived the nation from the beginning and later forced the country into forceful marriage and today the marriage has given birth to unconquered crisis and unrest.

The OPCI President also posited that it’s on global record that the people that are killing in Nigeria today by terrorists and herdsmen are more than people believed to have been killed in Sudan and Iraq where war are visible.

He urged the leadership of the country to quide against imminent danger ahead of the Country saying the only visible solution is total restructuring of the Country.

He stressed that the organization has been calling for total restructuring over the years.

The President Oodua initiative expressly stated that the world today have strong feelings and believe that there are no security of lives and properties in the country, no hospitality, no good roads network, while education are crumbling.

According to him “Nigerians are paying for darkness instead of light,while the politicians are not doing what is expected of them, farmers can not farm freely without been attacked by Fulani Herdsmen.”

He said “Corruption has become the rain of the moment while Kidnapping, internet fraudulent has become a means of living for some people”.

He also recalled how lack of adequate security system forced the South West governors last year to introduced Amotekun nothing that the birth of Amotekun was enough prove and justification to the call and stand on restructuring.

The President Oodua initiative however noted that “Former president Goodluck Jonathan organised national conference on restructuring and lot of resources was invested on it, but because of tribalism, selfishness and lack of direction of the Adiminstration the reports and recommendations of the conference was put aside. ”

He then concluded that failure to implement the recommendations of the conference gave birth to many security challenges the nation is witnessing today.


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