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MSA Condemns New Electrify Tariff In Nigeria



The Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MAS) has condemned the recent increase in electricity tariff nationwide.

In August, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission issued a statement to electricity distribution companies and GENCOs to increase tariffs.

The NERC had given the DISCOs the go-ahead to increase tariff if they will increase hours of electricity supply and not extend the increased tariff to the poor.

But MSA in a statement on Thursday by the group’s spokesperson, Dagga Tolar, MSA said the new conditions were not in favour of the poor or an acknowledgment of their concerns for a more efficient supply of electricity.

The statement reads, “These moves are attacks on the poor and working masses, pure and simple. It is yet another evidence to show the Buhari regime is unconcerned with the plights of the struggling masses of this country than it is ready to defend the profit interests of billionaires, who have bought almost all Nigeria’s public corporations.

“The people should not for once be deceived that the profit-seeking managements of the DISCOs are out for their interest or about turning a new leaf. We frown at the organised deception preceding this tariff hike and point at it to show that more profits rather than improved service are at the root of this increment. Nigerians should recall that the Presidency had postponed indefinitely the plan to increase tariff some months ago, just so Nigerians do not react to the hike when it was coming at the same time with an increase in fuel pump price and stamp duties.”

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