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Makinde Commiserates With Ife People On Market Inferno, Suggests Ways To Prevent Reoccurrence



Hon Makinde

A former member of the house of representatives  for Ife federal constituency, Hon Rotimi Makinde has sent his sympathy to the generality of  market men and women of Oja Tuntun in Ile Ife over the unfortunate fire incidence that occurred overnight on Tuesday Dec 2nd 2020 this week.

According to the front line politician who was once the representative  of the kingdom at National Assembly, Hon Makinde wondered why the reoccurrence of the incidence.

The lawmaker recalled that at a time while in the house, he spiritedly made a motion on a similar incidence sometime ago which necessitated the intervention of National Emmergency management agency(NEMA), saying these occurrences are too much.

According to the Bobaselu of Ile Ife, “The market to me is damned too choked for the kind of crowd it accomodates on a daily basis.

“As it is now, we have a lot of people chasing few shops. People  and indeed traders are daily finding it extremely difficult to even trade and to move freely within the very old market.The electric supply and  wiring of that place is also very funny with naked wires flying here and there and shops not designated or demarcated according to products or activities….This is against modern ethics of market construction world wide and not good enough to support the transformation agenda of Oba Adeyeye  Enitan Ogunwusi.

“The market has overgrown and has served its purpose and so a new one is what our people desire and deserve. The untoward attitude of the market users is also worrisome. The way forward is for we sons and daughters of the society and in conjunction with the state government and Ife development council to sit down and ensure that a new markets place that would befit Ile Ife as the source of Yorubaland land.

“While this is ongoing,I would urge the state government to look into the direction of the plight of the people so affected to alleviate them with immediate fund and to rebuild the affected parts of the market as a matter of utmost attention. Furthermore, from my own experience,to do just that is to liase with the Iyalojas and  the Babalojas through the council chairs and to document all those who are truly affected  and also to find out if there is likely dispute that exists within the market  for this is becoming too rampant.

“I honestly pray that God shall heal the wounds of every of these our mothers and fathers who lost their livelihood to this questionable situation.”

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