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We Want To Bring Fund Into The Nigeria Economy Without Bothering The Govt-Pastor Tobi Adegboyega



By:Lawal Habeeb Olalekan.

SPAC Nation Lead pastor Tobi Adegboyega in London ,has expressed his concerns on the state of Nigeria economy and also assert that he will create a micro- economy to assist the youths in the country.

The Nigeria Born pastor who relocated to the United Kingdom over 14years ago initially planned to further his studies in Law in the United States but changed to God’s calling where he had positively transformed many lives.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega recently featured in a Radio Nigeria Network news programme where he emphasised his resolve to bring relief to many ambitious and brilliant youths within fund to take off business and academics.

Over 10 years ago, Pastor Tobi onohas the United Kingdom has been supporting, mentoring and also addressing primary young and talented but poor people so that they can be able to reach their destined height through the foundation platform.

Sharing testimonies from the fantastic activities of the SPAC Nation UK, Pastor Tobi shared a story of a,” young man who had been in the prison for over 3years, he got God intervention through the ministry, his life turned around and now owns his own business.”

“We have mentored many Youths who are doing well in different areas of endeavour.One of our people now has an employment agency which has given Job to over a hundred people.

“We have another lady who is involved in the business of fashion accessories . If your Product gets the approval and the use of the Queen, it means you have done something of the very highest quality, and that is what the lady has done.

“Also, we have started fourth Businesses without government hand .We do more of giving than receiving at SPAC Nation, we are not a church that is focused on Conventional Tithes and offerings. We are more focused on giving back to our community Via Human Development” Said pastor Tobi.

According to him, he started financing the foundation from his salary when he was earning 400 pounds at a kitchen where he worked before he got into property business and presently over 40 Businesses who have also come back to help their communities are in collaboration which many among them give back to the people with the aim of lifting others like he has done.

Speaking on the approach he has designed to create a micro economy in assisting the Government of Nigeria, he posits that he will be visiting Nigeria soon with some of his friends who believe in his laid-out plans so as to have first hand experience of what is obtainable.

Tobi revealed that he will be coming to empower brilliant people to be socially mobile and also intend doing all these without having the government of Nigeria bothered about committing resources but all he needed is continuous support for enabling environment.

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