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Nigerian Kemi Badenoch Gets Ministerial Appointment In UK



Kemi Badenoch

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Nigerian Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch as a junior minister in his cabinet as a new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The mother of two is now the Children and Families’ minister.

She was appointed after the British government reshuffle.

“Thank you for all good wishes and kind messages of support received. I also look forward to working not just with @Conservatives colleagues but cross-party.” She said after the appointment.

She is a British Conservative politician and Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden. Kemi was born in Wimbledon, London to parents of Nigerian origin. Her childhood was spent in Lagos, Nigeria, and the United States.

She moved to the United Kingdom at the age of sixteen. After studying Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Sussex, she worked as a software engineer at Logica. Kemi went on to work at RBS as a systems analyst before working as an associate director at Coutts and later as a director at The Spectator magazine.

In 2012, Badenoch unsuccessfully contested a seat at the London Assembly. Three years later, Badenoch was selected as a London Assembly member after Suella Braverman and Victoria Borwick declined their seats after being elected as MPs at the 2015 general election. She supported Brexit in the 2016 EU membership referendum.

Badenoch was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Saffron Walden on 8 June 2017 following the retirement of former deputy speaker Alan Haselhurst, she became the first woman to represent that constituency.

Since the news filtered out, why Kemi was able to win elections into London Assembly, House of Commons and became a Minister in a country she arrived at age 16 are the questions on the lips of some folks.

The answers are simple and addressed here. Kemi left Nigeria for a country where hard work is rewarded. A country where good university grades are rewarded with good jobs, not where excellence is compromised. A country where merits are sought after.

Above all, a country where politicians are elected based on their strength of character, debates, idea, manifestos and not family name or wealth.

Unlike UK, here, “metala” Kemi – in Mr Senator’s voice – can not become a local government chairman by relying on her brilliancy, good intention and articulation of ideas without. She may even be letdown through flawed processes and given away by shortsighted people who values instance gains more than long term gains and collective victory.

All well and good. Hope is not lost. Nigeria ‘go’ bette.

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