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We Will Vehemently Resist Contempt On Oluwo, GCI Boosts



The emerging socio-cultural group in Iwo, Gbobaniyi Club of Iwo (GCI), has vowed to vehemently repel any contempt on the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi.

The club condemned the conduct of some personalities against Oluwo as uncultured, immoral and grossly disrespectful, saying the leniency of Oba Akanbi is been taking for granted.

Speaking through her coordinator, Alhaji Abduljeleel Rosheed stated none of those pestering the ever progressive Oluwo has any remarkable positive marks to their credit.

Alhaji Abduljeleel said Iwo has never had it so good like this under the current Oluwo, reaffirming the group’s resolve to aggressively challenge any further disdain attempt on Oba Akanbi.

Quoting him “Iwo was lagging but the emergence of Oba Adewale Akanbi as Oluwo has right many wrongs and gradually positioning Iwo again on the international map”

“It is however disappointing some ingrates who have no moral and social value disturbing the reformist Oluwo. We expect every patriot of Iwo to use both their office and power to complement the fruitful growing development of Iwoland. But disappointedly, many rode on Iwo slot, rose with it and use their power to fight Oluwo. Oluwo is too patient otherwise they would have had a sour taste of the repercussion”

“We are stating it categorically that such era of insulting Oluwo by anyone, irrespective of your status will never be tolerated again. He who is bold to insult a king should not sleep under King’s roof. Abomination will not ride freely in Iwo again. Any assault on Oluwo is an assault on every well meaning sons and daughters of the land. This is a yellow card. Whatever we say against or in favour of Oluwo is a definition how cultured, morally upright progressive we are”

“We choose the path of honour to defend the stool because those we deem fit for the task are sleeping and watching open condemnation of their ancestors”

“As a group of concerned youths who appreciate the glory Oba Akanbi has brought to Iwoland within little space of his reign so far, we warn everyone most especially those pestering Oluwo to either turn a new leaf or vacate the city for their own good”

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