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Abba Kyari Sinister Motive May Destroy Governance in Nigeria – Group



A socio-political organisation, The Progressives League (TPL) has raised alarm over the conduct of the Chief of Staff to The President, Abba Kyari in the presidency alleging him of sinister motives to destroy governance in Nigeria.

The group alleged that the atmosphere in the presidency has clearly shown that Kyari is promoting ethnic bigotry by fanning the ember of discord and aggravating tension in the polity which is “already derailing President Muhamadu Buhari Next Level promises.

Hon Fajobi Olusanjo, State Coordinator of TPL at a Press Conference in Osogbo, Capital of Osun State, accused the 81years old Chief of Staff of constituting himself as alternate president for “selfish aggrandisement”.

Fajobi said Nigeria is tilting towards a collapse state and as a responsible organisation, it will not allow some individual “who by accident found themselves in power to subvert this democracy that claimed the lives of prominent Nigeria before 1999”.

The statement read in part “as a responsible and responsive social political group, The leadership of The Progressives League are here today to warn against the impeding dictatorship of a super appointee of President Muhammadu Bihari.

“We want to say it expressly that the office of the vice president and by extension governance of the country must never be undermined by any hegemonic cabal.

“Nigerians are going to recall that Mr Abba Kyari has been alleged severally to be a corrupt subset of an incorruptible government of President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo Administration, how Mr President continue to tolerate Mr Abba Kyari excesses is still a mystery!

“As a group we have no doubt in the triumph of truth over falsehood as the new campaign of calumny and consistent lies from the Chief of Staff against the vice president will fail because, the attack is not in the best interest of the country but an Hausa- Fulani agenda of Mr Abba Kyari and his continue covetousness of power. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has consistently shown his loyalty, and pursues the Next level agenda with highest form of dignity, he is the poster boy of the Next level Agenda, this is what Abba Kyari and his Hausa-Fulani oligarchs can not stand.

“It is a tragedy, and highly unfortunate that somebody with official access to the President, for selfish interests, are creating the division within the top echelon of the government. Despite his duties is to see to the harmonious working of government, Mr Abba Kyari has constitutes himself to be the official cog in the wheel of anti- graft war of this administration.

“At this juncture, let us re- emphasize that there is no rift whatsoever between president Muhammadu Buhari, Prof Yemi Osinbajo his vice and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu the National Leader of APC. The news of the rift is a figment and warp imagination of envious confusionist around the president.

“ Mr Abba kyari is the chief confusionist and very unfortunate Mr President refused to sanction him for duping people using his closeness to Mr President to blackmail many of his victims. It is disheartening and a contradiction, that the most corrupt Chief of Staff in the history of our nation is serving the incorruptible president ever in history of our country.

“We are using this opportunity to warns Mr Abba Kyari to desist from further attack against the office of the vice president as the consequence and backlash will be better imagined. We will not only defend the integrity of the vice president, but also the unity of this nation.” The statement read.

Similarly, a development activist, Comrade Waheed Saka has also condemned the political war in the presidency as a crisis that may snowball into a major nation crisis saying what started civil war is lesser that the sinister motive of Abba Kyari in the presidency and urged Nigerians not to tolerate him further.

The activist in a spate interview with journalists in Osogbo said development can only be achieved when all the leadership work with common purpose and mutual vision reiterating that the current situation in the presidency is more of ego war than quality of service which will slow the pace of development.

According to Waheed “the Chief of Staff Mr Abba Kyari arguably the most powerful appointee in the country have no mutual vision with the president and the vice president on their Next Level Agenda. He has been alleged to be a very corrupt part of incorruptible government and yet he continues to harass the Vice President and his staff in the villa.

“We have not forgotten the various allegations against the same chief of staff regarding the MTN bribery scandal, dollar subsidy scam and many others, students and scholars of politics will one day unravel how and why the president tolerated his chief of staff to such a level

“In fact, looking at the roll call of those attacking vice president Osinbajo, they all have one thing in common, which is corruption and if such trend is allow to continue, how can the next level agenda work for the people? He asked.

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