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Osun: Crisis Brews Between Sookos, High Chiefs In Ife



Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi

.…Sookos Accuse Modewa Chiefs Of High handedness

…Sookos’ Claims Unfounded-High Chiefs

By Ayobami Agboola, Osogbo

Unless the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, quickly intervenes in the seeming supremacy crisis ensued between the Modewa High Chiefs and members of Ife Traditional Council of Sooko, with a view to proffering lasting solution, the peaceful atmosphere within palace of the cradle of Yoruba race may ,soon be consumed by crisis.

The Sookos according to CityMirorNews findings are the representatives of all the princes and princesses from all the four ruling houses in the ancient town of Ife.

Addressing journalists at Ilenla, in the palace of Oonirisa , the President, Ife Traditional Council of Ife, Sooko Lelodo, Adeyoju Aratunde expressed displeasure over the conduct of Modewa High Chiefs in the palace, warning them to set Ooni free from their whims and caprice so that peace can reign supreme in the land.

Aratunde who led over forty Sookos to the palace said there was the need for them to educate the chiefs on their dutiful roles so as not to intervene in the affairs that did not concern them.

He said, “the Modewa Chiefs are like errands of our father, Ooni while we Sooko are the direct sons of the Ooni. They are our subordinate and we cannot continue to keep quiet.

“We are calling on His Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife , and well meaning people to rise to this challenge with stopping the menace of these usurpers thereby setting the Ooni free from their whims and caprice so that peace can reign supreme in the land.

“They need to be told that their duty of the Ooni has ended on December 7, 2015; hence they should allow him to concentrate on how best to rule over his subjects.

“This warning becomes very important because of the heinous activities of the Chief who have constituted themselves into a parallel ruling apparatus in the one palace of the Ooni with attendant misbehavior in the running of the affairs of the city.

“It is worthy of note that we are direct children of the Arole Oodua saddle with the responsibility of giving quality advice to the Ooni of matter of public interest.

“Surprisingly, the High Chiefs whose major duty is to be the intermediary between a ruling house and the government, in the choice of any Ooni so as to continue to keep him under their control , they have decided to separate us from the Kabiesi by denying us our rights in the palace.

“In the first instance , our council asked for a space I’m the palace where the Executive members of the council will be holding meetings an harnessing decisions tat would be in the interest of His Imperial Majesty and the people of Ifeland.

“Ooni Ogunwusi approved our request and the former office of the Secretary, IDB, Pastor Bisi Kolawole was allocated to us on the orders of Baba. We renovated the office with over half millions l naira furnished it with another two hundred thousand naira . while doing all these, the Chief , who in their own rights are Mofewas , did not say anything; but as soon as we completed the renovation , they locked the office up and took over everything we put in place there. We reported this mater to the Ooni vesting our action on the fact that it was Ooni that allocated the office to us.

“Ooni cannot reverse himself in this matter or how does a tenant tell the son of a landlord to stop coming to his father’s house? In times past, the Modewas don’t wear shoes or caps to the palace ; but now dress as if they are full blown Obas with the title “His Royal Highness” No one said anything about it.

“They sit down at the open space in the palace to drink beer and wine nearly everyday. They make millions of naira from our common wealth which they use in buying series of cars, building houses and marrying wives. We consider it the high time yo stop this rascality and put them in their rightful positions so that we can have peace in the land.

“Traditionally, during Olojo festival and Odun Omo Ooni, members of the Sooko Council are yo be in full regalia, white flown Agbada, Ikori Cap, Hand staffs a decorated walking stick. This did not go down well with the Modewa Chiefs upon this demeaning the status of the Heads of Princes and princesses of the four Ruling Houses in Ife. As if that was not enough , they invited us to a meeting where more verbal harms were done by them

“One of our members , a bonafide Sooko reported to me that he was invited by the chiefs to the palace on Monday 15th of July, 2019, and when he got to the palace putting on the Korimogbofo cap with inscription of Sooko. He was ordered from his after the photograph was taken , what embarrassment, disgrace and assault on Sooko of the source.

In a swift reaction, the High-Chiefs described the Sookos’ claims as unfounded, adding that the only point of dispute between them is their decision to adopt beaded crowns and staffs like kings.

While addressing newsmen on behalf of others, Lowa Adimula, High-Chief Adekola Adeyeye, stated that, “the Sookos have refused to respect the traditions of Ife which forbids them from wearing crowns.”

In the same vein, Obalufe of Ife, Oba Idowu Adediwura, added that, “We as the High-Chiefs in Ife land will not sit and watch these people ruin our culture and traditions.

“We shall remain committed to the sustenance of peace and harmony across the land, we only call on these people to join hands with us in the development of Ile Ife.” Adediwura stated.

The Sookos

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